Educating Youth in BiH on the Holocaust in Višegrad Countries

Sarajevo | 2017

Ehlimana Memisevic, Jasmin Hasić

The course reader includes an in-depth thematic discussion of the Visegrad post-Holocaust context, the links between war and genocide, as well as of ideology, the power of the state and bureaucracy, and propaganda and mass media in relation to genocide in all V4 countries.

Down the Memory Lane of the Sarajevo Jewish Community

Sarajevo | 2016

Documentary film about Sarajevo Jewish Community

Teaching Nepali Students about the Horrors of Extremism

Kathmandu | 2012

Subhash Ghimire

Senior Fellow Subhash Ghimire, inspired by his Fellowship, brought the story of Anne Frank to Nepali students to discuss the risks of extremism.

The White Rose Remembrance Project


Yasmin Hoffmann

Senior Fellow Yasmin Hoffmann created The White Rose Remembrance Project: "And yet their spirit lives on," determined to uphold the remembrance of the resistance group and remind society how important it is to defend democratic values.

The White Rose Remembrance Project
Holocaust Identification Cards

Mostar | 2013

Inga Kotlo

Inspired by the Holocaust Identification Cards which are given at the entrance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, this project aims to emphasize the importance of remembrance and tries to enhance the reader's ability to depict and relate to the universal concept of loss.

Stumbling Stones for Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki | 2015

Regina Frentzou, Evanthia Panagiotou

Stumbling Stones for Thessaloniki, created by Senior Fellows Regina Frentzou and Evanthia Panagiotou, aims to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust in Greece.

The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960

Hamburg | 2015

Anton F. Guhl, Gülay Gün

The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960 is a project that aims to raise awareness of covert Antisemitism, educate about the history of hateful graffiti, and develop teaching materials in Hamburg.

Space & Memory: The Presence of Jewish Absence in Poland's Contemporary Landscape


Łukasz Posłuszny, Michelle Shofet, Marissa Sophia Schneiderman

Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Łukasz Posłuszny, Michelle Shoft, and Marissa Sophie Schneiderman created this project, sought to re-conceptualize the ways of remembering the war and the Holocaust, and to discuss social aesthetics of monuments and alternative forms of memory in the context of trauma, and on the other hand it also promoted tolerance among young people and a desire to fight anti-Semitism.

Against Urban Antisemitism: Restoring the Local Jewish Presence

Wroclaw and Warsaw | 2016

Jan Kirschenbaum

Senior Fellow Jan Kirschenbaum aspires to combat nationalist prejudice and Antisemitism in Poland by stressing and making public the contributions of the Jewish community to the past and present of the country through his Action Project "Against Urban Antisemitism: Restoring the Local Jewish Presence".

Against Urban Antisemitism
Helsinki: On the Brink – Finland and the Holocaust Era

Article | Denmark

Oula Silvennoinen