Bursting Bubbles to Save Black Lives

South Brunswick, New Jersey | 2017

Tasneem Maner

Senior Fellow Tasneem Maner led a dialogue workshop exploring Black Lives Matter. The twist: the audience was all Muslim. The goal: create ally-ship between minorities.

Bursting Bubbles to Save Black Lives
Intersectionality it: the Movement to end Gender Based Violence


Cameron Kinker

Senior Fellow Cameron Kinker worked with students on campuses across the United States to implement awareness-raising campaigns on the intersectionality of gender-based violence.

Poster Presentation One Love
Trampoline House visits Roskilde University - Why do we need an asylum system in Denmark?

Copenhagen | 2017

Julian Lo Curlo, Federico Jensen

Senior Fellows Julian Lo Curlo and Frederico Jensen brought the experiences of recent newcomers to Denmark to Roskilde University.

Trampoline House
Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu)

Warsaw | 2016

Paulina Milewska, Jarmiła Rybicka, Maciej Kuziemski

Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu) is a socially-involved restaurant co-created with refugees which serves dishes from those regions which are currently in the midst of war.

Children's Rights Education Project #CREP

Berlin | 2018

Magdalini Alexandropoulou

The CREP tackled Children’s Rights Education (CRE) as an integral part of the Human Rights Education (HRE) curriculum with the view to provide improved child-centered protective and inclusive mechanisms for all children.


Berlin | 2019

Mariana Karkoutly

How can one bring people from different backgrounds to participate politically in order to best advocate for their rights?

Tvoje Sarajevo

Sarajevo | 2018

Ceyda Keskindemir, Romane Rozencwajg, Matilda Ostow, Amra Mesic, Đorđe Prolić

Fellows then channeled their questions into creative energy to build an art-meets-activism "artivism" campaign to address the politicized and charged borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically, of Sarajevo.