#FreedomCities (Home of the Brave)

New York | 2017

Emily Hong

Freedom Cities began as a response to Donald Trump's inauguration, utilizing storytelling media projects to highlight how a diverse group of immigrant and low-wage workers of color are standing up within a divided political climate to re-imagine safety and belonging in service of freedom.

My 100 Hundred Days Plan


Michael Kunichika, Heather Lord

My One Hundred Days Plans was a civic action campaign encouraging participants to take one action every day for one hundred days to directly counteract Donald Trump’s first hundred days in office.

Hospitality Initiative (Inicjatywa Gośc-inność)


Nina Bilal (Łazarczyk)

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Nina Lazarcyzk created educational cooking workshops called Hospitality Workshops (GośćInność) dedicated for the youth, run by migrants and refugees in order to bring people together.

Hospitality Initiative
I Am Not Exotic – I Am Exhausted

Bochum | 2019

Miriam Yosef

Empowerment workshop for Black People & People of Color with the aim to develop strategies to deal constructively with experiences of racism.

Reflections on Humanity in Action

Article | USA

Preface to Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

Article | USA

Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

Publication | USA | January 2015

Judith Goldstein, Ava Morgenstern, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Bastiaan Bouwman, Daphné Joseph-Gabriel, and others

Recognizing the intensification of transnational conflicts that both violently divide and intimately link our global communities, Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is a collection of essays from the 2014 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, which tackled international relations from a diversity perspective.

The NET Mentoring Group

Boston, MA | 2017

Jamal Grant

The NET Mentoring Group is uniquely crafted non-profit organization, founded by Senior Fellow Jamal Grant, focused on closing the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math achievement and opportunity gap.

The NET Mentoring Group
Det Turkise Telt ("The Turquoise Tent")

Aarhus | 2017

Cagdas Citirikkaya

Det turkise telt’ is a Danish-Turkish arts and music festival that takes place annually during Aarhus Festuge, created by Senior Fellow Cagdas Citirikkaya.

det turkise telt
Crossborder Factory


Dr. Martine Alonso Marquis

Senior Fellow Martine Marquis founded Crossborder Factory as a social enterprise that aims to stimulate the debate on Europe by developing innovative forms of participation.

Crossborder Factory