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Przemysław Patryk Iwanek, graduate of political science and sociology, school teacher

Working for HIA PL for 6 years, I gained substantial skills and practical knowledge. Often it happened at a fast pace as HIA PL was developing very dynamically at that time, implementing innovative projects, e.g. the first convention of e-activists counteracting hate speech, social startups of ideas, or the International HIA Conference in the newly opened Polin Museum. During this professional and personal adventure, I diversified the scope of my duties and took on tasks with more and more responsibilities. I never thought that I would be able to create budget documents and co-manage innovative projects on a national and international scale, working with partners from Europe and the USA. I won’t sugarcoat, those were not easy and uncomplicated challenges, but with hard work we managed to achieve amazing results. 

My drive to work and the greatest satisfaction were the people, amazing individuals who changed and continue to change this world for the better. I am proud that I could contribute to this endeavor.