Sarajevo Program

May 27

Arrival Day

Arrival of fellows from the United States, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Welcome dinner and drinks at the residence of Sarah Freeman Woolpert 

May 28  

Team-building Day

Meet at the Second Gymnasium for hike and team-building exercises.

May 29th

Overview of Current Socio-Political and Democratic Challenges in Bosnia 

  • Meet at the EFSA 
  • Team Building 
  • Short History of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and some thoughts on education by Prof. Lamija Tanović, Ph.D. (Professor, SSST and Chair of Board of Directors, HIA BiH)
  • Consociation in a Post-Conflict Society: A Recipe for Success? by Midhat Izmirlija, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, U. of Sarajevo)
  • Wrap-up Session 

May 30 

Post-Dayton Conundrums  

  • How Dayton’s Incentives and the West’s Stability Fixation Impede BiH’s Development into a Real Democracy via Skype by Kurt Bassuener (Senior Associate, Democratization at Policy Council)
  • Deterring Corruption and Rebuilding Trust in the Rule of Law Among Youth in BiH by Ivana Korajlić (Program Manager for Public Relations, Transparency International)
  • Democratic Representation in Multi-Ethnic States by Damir Kapidžić, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, U. of Sarajevo)
  • The Yugoslav Powder Keg: Ethnopolitics Dominating Rational Minds by Prof. Asim Mujkić, Ph.D. (Professor at Faculty of Political Sciences, U. of Sarajevo)  

May 31

The Interplay of Identity and Civil society  

  • Social Identities in (Post-)Conflict Societies by Prof. Sabina Ćehajić-Clancy, Ph.D. (Dean of Political Science, SSST)
  • Establishing a Secular State in a Multiconfessional Society by Prof. Dino Abazović, Ph.D. (Professor of Sociology at Faculty of Political Science, U. of Sarajevo)
  • Civil Society Initiatives in BiH by Darko Brkan (President, Association “Why Not?”) 

June 1


Travel to see Tito’s Bunker and experience the town of Konjic

  • Arrival at site of Tito’s Bunker
  • Organized Tour of the Bunker
  • Return to Konjic city centre
  • Lunch at Jezero Boracko
  • Meeting at Bus Drop-off location
  • Departure and Return to Sarajevo 

June 2

Religion in a Multi-Confessional State 

Visit various religious institutions and organized tour

  • Inter-religious dialogue panel w/ representatives of different religious groups of Bosnia
  • Group Discussion 

June 3

Under Siege: Sarajevo in the Midst of War 

Organized tour with General Jovan Divjak of Sarajevo War Tunnel, the Jewish Cemetery, and the Yellow Fortress

  • Drive to Trebević Mountain
  • Visit the urban ruins of Trebević Olympic Bobsleigh Course 
  • Return to Sarajevo 

June 4

Art and Culture: A Refuge and Source of Strength in the War

  • Meet at the Sevdah Art House
  • History and Role of Sevdah in connecting the peoples of BiH by Maja Baralić-Materne (Producer, BHRT)
  • Behind the Scenes at Sarajevo SARTR (War Theatre) by Nihad Kreševljaković (Member, SARTR) (n.b: location of lecture TBD) 

June 5 

Day off  

June 6 

A House Divided: Cities Under Tension and Segregation – Trip to Stolac and Mostar

  • Depart and Drive to Stolac 
  • A visit and organized tour by Gorčin Dizdar, Ph.D.: Sites: Radimlja Medieval Necropolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site); city-centre of Stolac; and Mak’s Art House. 
  • Talk on current political and social challenges on divided cities with Demir Mahmutćehajić (A member of the city council, Stolac)
  • Educating for sustainable future for youth in BiH by Dženan Hakalović  (History Teacher, UWC in Mostar)
  • Guided tour of Mostar by HIA Fellow Marko Barišić, visit to the Old Bridge (UNESCO World Heritage Site);
  • Departure and Return to Sarajevo 


June 7 

A New Generation, A New Dialogue

  • Two schools under one roof: personal insight from a youth student activist by Samir Beharić (Fellow, HIA and Student Activist)
  • Fostering dialogue among youth in BiH by Ivana Kešić (Program Manager, CIVITAS BiH)
  • Lunch
  • Group Discussion

June 8

The Flight of Money, Brain, and Talent

  • Structural economic issues in post-conflict BiH by Damir Šaljić (Advisor, British Embassy in Bosnia)
  • Interaction of culture and human rights by Emina Ganić (Director, Sarajevo Film Academy)
  • Brain Drain: An Endless Bosnian Pit by Amer Osmić (Teaching Assistant, U. of Sarajevo)
  • Group Discussion
  • Bosnian Diaspora and the importance of remittances and cultural exchange by Haris Halilovich, Ph.D. (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia)

June 9

Contextualizing Historical Narratives of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

  • Civil courage in times of war by Svetlana Broz, M.D. (Gariwo)
  • Rendering Justice from Afar: Local Perceptions of the Role of the ICTY in Prosecuting War Crimes by Almir Alić (Liaison, ICTY office in Sarajevo)
  • Between denial and recognition: Attitudes towards “own crimes” in post-war Sarajevo and BiH by Nicolas Moll Ph.D. (Historian, Sarajevo)
  • Wrap-up Session 

June 10 

In, Out and Around the System: Mobilizing Change 

  • Committed to Implement: An Analysis of the Sejdić and Finci v. BiH ECHR Judgement by Jakob Finci (President, Jewish Community of BiH) 
  • Walk to city administration of Sarajevo (HQ)
  • Meeting with Prof. Ivo Komšić, Ph.D. (Mayor, Sarajevo) (in local language) at Mayor’s Office—Rm. 320 on 3rd Floor
  • Refusing to Surrender: Football as a Means of Resistance in Besieged Sarajevo by Predrag Pašić (Football Coach, Sarajevo)
  • Wrap-up Session

June 11

Day off

June 12 

Never Again: Remembering Srebrenica 

  • Drive and Departure to Srebrenica
  • Arrival and Visit to Memorial Centre
  • Lunch in Srebrenica
  • Return to Sarajevo 

June 13 

Transitional Justice in BiH  

  • Collective Memory of Mass Atrocities in BiH by Hikmet Karčić (Senior Associate, Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks)
  • Drive to Prosecutor’s Office (Queen Jelena street [see map at back of booklet)
  • Visit to the Prosecutor’s office: Special Department on War Crimes with Mirza Hukeljic, Ph. D. (Prosecutor, State Prosecutor’s Office of BiH) and Boris Grubesic (PR, State Prosecutor’s Office of BiH)
  • Drive back to the EFSA
  • IDPs and Returnees in BiH: Unresolved Questions and Socio-political dilemmas by Selma Porobić, Ph.D. (Director, Centre for Refugee and IDP Studies)

June 14 

The Political Grid Lock: Human Rights Challenges in BiH 

  • Speech by His Excellency Valentin Inzko, Ph.D., High Representative of International Community in BiH
  • Human Rights in BiH: Between Constitutional Principles and Reality by Goran Markovic, Ph.D. (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, U. of East Sarajevo)
  • Mosaic of Human Rights in BiH: Attainable, Segregated, Denied? by Jasminka Dzumhur (Ombudsperson for Human Rights, BiH)
  • Human Rights Protection at the State Level in BiH by Aiša Telalovic (Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH)
  • Group Discussion 

June 15

Lights, Camera, Action! The Politics of Media 

  • Al-Jazeera Balkans Study Visit with Melina Kameric (PR and Communications Associate)
  • Drive to Pofalici, N1 Headquarters
  • N1 Television Study Visit with Suzana Stambol (Executive Producer)
  • Afternoon free in Sarajevo

June 16

Positioning and Agency: Women in BiH

  • Film Screening 
  • Panel discussion: Women in Politics with Prof. Jasna Durakovic, Ph.D. (Member of Parliament, Federation of BiH) and Sabina Cudic (Member of Cantonal Assembly, Canton Sarajevo)
  • Group Discusssion

June 17

Cultural Resilience: Surviving Post-Dayton BiH

  • Meet at the National Museum of BiH
  • #IamtheMuseum Movement Talk with Marica Filipovic (Deputy Director, National Museum of BiH)
  • Visit the Historical Museum of BiH
  • Travel back to EFSA
  • From Dayton to Brussels, via Tuzla – Post-2014 Political and Economic Restructuring in BiH by Danijela Majstorovic, Ph.D. (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philology, U. of Banja Luka)  

June 18

The Horrors of War: Consequences of Mass-Violence on Marginalized Groups 

  • Seeking Justice for Women War Victims by Armela Ramić (Legal Associate, Office of Dr. Nedim Ademović)
  • Underage fighters of the War: Leaving the past behind? by Kemal Šalaka (Representative, Association of Underage Fighters) (in local language)
  • Group Discussion

June 19

Linking Mobilization to the Current Refugee Crisis 

  • Migration and Asylum: Legal Aspects and Current Challenges with the Migration crisis in the Western Balkans by Nedim Kulenović (Senior Legal Associate, Vasa Prava)
  • Second Session with Nedim Kulenović
  • Educating a New Generation on Human Rights by Dr. Judith Goldstein (Founder and Executive Director, Humanity in Action, Inc.) 

June 20

LGBTQ Rights and Delegation Presentations

  • Rights and Freedoms of the LGBT population in BiH by Damir Banović (Executive Director, Center for Political Studies)
  • American Fellows’ Presentation
  • European Fellows’ Presentation
  • Final Wrap-up Session and Conclusion

June 21

Fellows write their papers and pack

June 22nd 

Papers Due by Midnight

Departure to Belgrade Airport

June 23-26

Travel to Athens, Greece for the Seventh Annual Humanity in Action International Conference