Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a stipend or salary?

Humanity in Action can provide a very small stipend for this program, depending on funds available. Allowances by MEP offices of NGOs cannot be guaranteed. Most of the internships are unpaid.

Can Humanity in Action provide any support if I am applying for funding for this internship?

Yes. Humanity in Action is always pleased to write a letter of endorsement supporting your funding requests. Additionally, you may wish to contact Humanity in Action staff and past Pat Cox Fellows for their advice on scholarship opportunities and other sources of financial support.

What is a reasonable budget for living in Brussels?

Based on feedback from past Fellows, we estimate monthly expenses to be about € 1000 a month. These costs can cover modest expenses for housing, food, transportation, phone and social life.

I'm not an EU citizen. How do I obtain a visa?

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own visas, but Humanity in Action will provide assistance and guidance.

Who do I contact for more information?

For further questions, please contact the Director of the Pat Cox-Humanity in Action Fellowship, Martine Alonso Marquis, at