Executive Education Leadership Program for Senior Fellows

The Executive Education Leadership Program is a new Humanity in Action program for advanced Senior Fellows designed and organized by Humanity in Action and The New School.

What: A four-day intensive and innovative course on leadership and ethics organized by Humanity in Action and The New School’s acclaimed design and management faculty. 

Who: Humanity in Action Senior Fellows of any nationality with at least 8 years of post-undergraduate experience

When: March 30 - April 2, 2017

Where: The New School in Greenwich Village, New York City 

Designed for Senior Fellows

  • A collaborative learning environment with peer Senior Fellows in New York
  • Trainings on design and systems thinking, organizational communication, and integrity in leadership and management
  • Frank discussions on professional and ethnical dilemmas
  • Design and management faculty from The New School
  • An action-oriented approach for professionals in management roles who want to advance the social good through their careers


To register for the Executive Education Leadership Program, click here.

Registration is open through early winter 2016. Humanity in Action will confirm Senior Fellows’ participation in the program before December 31.

About the program

The Executive Education Leadership Program is a unique and innovative program designed by The New School and Humanity in Action for its Senior Fellows.  

The program will provide Senior Fellows, who hold management positions, with a customized leadership and management training. It will stress new thinking, the social good and collaborative learning. The dynamic workshops with faculty from The New School will include subjects such as ethical dilemmas in professional life, scaling entrepreneurial ventures, integrity in leadership, design thinking for social change, idea incubation, human-centered design, conflict management, organizational communication and decision-making.

Through the four-day workshop, the program will bring together advanced Senior Fellows as a community of leaders. It will enhance their skills, habits and practical experience to fuel transformative change in their organizations.

Eligibility:  Senior Fellows from all sectors and nationalities with at least 8 years of post-undergraduate experience are eligible.

Cost and assistance

The tuition fee for the program is $1,000, a fraction of the cost of most executive education trainings. The fee does not include travel and lodging. Humanity in Action encourages Senior Fellows to seek support from their employers to take part in the training.  

Humanity in Action will provide financial assistance for a select number of Senior Fellows who are unable to afford the cost of participation.

Faculty spotlight

Humanity in Action and The New School will engage internationally recognized faculty members to lead workshops tailored for the specific professional needs and dilemmas of the participating Senior Fellows. Two potential facilitators include:

Dr. Jamer Hunt: Transdisciplinary design, critical and conceptual design, industrial design, and design and society

Dr. Melissa Rancourt: Global business strategies, entrepreneurship, design strategy and negotiations 


For more information about the Executive Education Leadership Program, contact Anthony Chase (Director of Programs, Humanity in Action) at +1 212 828 6874 or a.chase@humanityinaction.org.