Bailey-Boushay House-Humanity in Action Fellowship on Healthcare and Homelessness

The Bailey-Boushay House-Humanity in Action Fellowship provides a Senior Fellow the opportunity to work on issues related to healthcare and homelessness in Seattle. The Senior Fellow will work with leaders at Bailey-Boushay House to research and document the experiences of homeless individuals receiving care through the institution with a goal of better understanding the root causes of poverty and homelessness in the greater Seattle area. This fellowship involves a significant amount of contact with the LGBTQ population and individuals challenged by end-of-life diagnoses, chemical dependence, mental health conditions, and sex work.  The Senior Fellow will work collaboratively with the Outpatient Program of nine social workers and the leadership of Bailey-Boushay House. The Bailey-Boushay House-Humanity in Action Fellowship is a three month opportunity.

Bailey-Boushay House-Humanity in Action Fellowship on Healthcare and Homelessness

Location: Seattle, Washington
Dates: June - August 2018 (exact dates are flexible)
Compensation: Stipend sufficient to cover accomodations and living expenses
Number of Positions: One
Application Deadline: April 27, 2018 (applications will be reviewed as received)

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with thriving IT, healthcare, and construction industries, as well as growing cultural diversity. Alongside this growth, the city has faced greater challenges meeting affordable housing demands and adjusting existing healthcare systems to cope with the population growth and needs of a socioeconomically diverse patient demographic. 

In its second year in Seattle, Humanity in Action is collaborating with Bailey-Boushay House (a part of the Virginia Mason Medical Center) to focus on underserved populations, homelessness, and end-of-life care.

About Bailey-Boushay House

Virginia Mason Medical Center is a leading non-profit healthcare institution in quality improvement recognized globally for its efforts to reduce patient harm and improve quality through its lean process measures aimed at diminishing healthcare waste and enhancing efficient care. Established 25 years ago, Bailey-Boushay House at Virginia Mason was the first facility built from the ground up to serve people with AIDS at the end of life and remains a center for excellent care for terminally-ill patients in Seattle. Bailey-Boushay House today serves a diverse patient population as a nursing home, including patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Huntington’s disease among other conditions. Bailey-Boushay House has a physician-directed 24 hour nursing and end-of-life care mission with licensed nurses on all shifts, a large base of volunteers working with patients, and a robust outpatient program of social workers who work with clients seen at the institution. Bailey-Boushay House has been working in recent years to establish a shelter for homeless persons, including over 170 homeless individuals seen currently through its Outpatient Program. As part of its goal to develop this shelter, Bailey-Boushay House would like to formally document the human stories behind homelessness. 

About the Bailey-Boushay-Humanity in Action Fellowship

The Bailey-Boushay House-Humanity in Action Fellowship will give a Senior Fellow the opportunity to work with a talented Outpatient Care Program at Bailey-Boushay House and learn about this program’s mission on improving the social determinants of healthcare (including poverty, mental health, barriers to accessing healthcare) that affect the lives of homeless individuals. The summer fellow will ultimately interview homeless persons in the Seattle area with a goal of documenting why these individuals became homeless and “why the system is failing this population.” This underserved population includes individuals with chemical dependence and mental health conditions, sex workers, refugees and immigrants. The Senior Fellow will be expected to be a team member at Bailey-Boushay House. The Senior Fellow will be asked to consider what changes to existing laws, regulations, and guidelines could be made to help achieve housing for this patient population.  The position also entails assisting homeless Bailey-Boushay House clients in the community as they navigate the system.  By observing and documenting barriers to success we will be able to plan services to better meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

Past Fellows in Seattle

Sophia Philip recently completed the Virginia Mason-Humanity in Action Fellowship, one of two new professional fellowships to focus on housing, healthcare and LGBT rights in Seattle. Sophia is originally from New York City and is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Paris 2015). Having studied ethnography, education and the arts, her professional work has varied from producing TEDx conferences, leading literacy classes for young adults, consulting on diversity and equity, teaching girls’ empowerment art classes to developing curriculums on consent with Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention team. Currently, she teaches at Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City. 
Andy Post recently completed the Capitol Hill Housing-Humanity in Action Fellowship, one of two new professional fellowships to focus on housing, healthcare and LGBT rights in Seattle. Andy is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Warsaw 2016) and served as a Program Intern for the Amsterdam Fellowship in 2017. In Colorado Springs, he helped grow Colorado Springs Food Rescue (CSFR), an organization that has redistributed over half a million pounds of food that would otherwise be thrown away to communities in need. Through CSFR, Andy helped create Mobile Meals, a food truck that partnered with a local LGBTQ center to make delicious meals with the youth. Andy is a jazz keyboardist and a proud owner of a thirteen year old rabbit. 


The Bailey-House House-Humanity in Action Fellowship is supported by the Germeshausen Foundation and a community of individual donors in Seattle.

Eligibility and Application

All Humanity in Action Senior Fellows who have completed their Action Projects (or equivalent) are eligible to apply. Humanity in Action encourages those who are interested in gaining experience in public health, social planning, end-of-life care, homelessness, elderly care, and LGBT rights to apply.