About the Training Workshop

General Information

Humanity in Action invites applications for a weekend-long Senior Fellow Training on Effective Communication and Mediation, taking place in Berlin in November 2015.

The training is open to Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows. Humanity in Action will select a group of 25 individuals to participate in this training. The working language for the training will be English.


Mediation and dialogue: You cannot do without them!

The ability to mediate effectively and to communicate constructively is indispensable for anyone working in the realms of human rights, diversity and pluralism. The primary goal of this training is to develop Senior Fellows’ skills and tools in the context of interpersonal conflict resolution and dialogue.

To learn about the secrets of mediation, Humanity in Action has invited an experienced mediator from the Netherlands to join its Senior Fellows in Berlin to develop their skills in handling conflict and communication. For use in professional work and private life, Senior Fellows will engage with the most important methods of the successful mediator. The participants of the training will learn how to use meta-communication and how to recognize conflict patterns. The weekend will amongst other things tackle questions including:

  • What is your conflict style and how does it help (or not help) in conflicts?
  • What happens in your brain when in conflict?
  • How can conflicts be deescalated constructively?
  • How can you best embrace, start and lead challenging conversations?
  • What are the secrets to convincing another?
  • How do you effectively deal with individuals who are upset or sad?
  • How do you best cooperate with individuals who consistently complain?

As part of the application for this training, applicants are asked to share a case of conflict they have experienced or witnessed in the context of which they seek to learn new methods for how it may best be addressed. Based on the cases submitted, the weekend will be tailored to Senior Fellows’ particular needs and expectations. The interactive method that will characterize the training will furthermore allow for participants to share their own experiences and elaborate on their own cases or questions during the training weekend.


The training itself will run all-day Saturday and half of Sunday, November 14 to 15, 2015. However, participants will be encouraged to arrive in Berlin on Friday afternoon, November 13, to join the Humanity in Action community for an evening social event featuring presentations of recently completed Senior Fellow projects. Departing late on Sunday, November 15 is advisable - be it for continued interactions with the Humanity in Action network or for enjoying the diverse neighborhoods of Berlin.

A more detailed schedule, including further information about exact arrival and departure times, will be shared with successful applicants in October 2015. 

Application Deadlines

The deadline to apply for this training workshop was October 12, 2015.


Humanity in Action will cover a number of expenses for this training workshop:

  • The costs of the training itself will be fully covered;
  • The cost of accommodation (in shared double rooms) will be fully covered from Friday to Sunday;
  • Breakfast and lunch for each day of the training will be covered as well as some additional meals.

Participants will be responsible for organizing and covering their travels to and from Berlin.*

*Humanity in Action may be able to provide financial support to cover the costs of travelling for applicants facing financial hardship with documented need. If applicable, please do not hesitate to contact Johannes Lukas Gartner at j.gartner@humanityinaction.org for further information.

Selection Process

A pre-selection will be made on the basis of the written applications completed online. Following on from this, applicants may be invited for a Skype interview with Humanity in Action staff.

Humanity in Action staff will examine the motivation and accomplishments of the applicants. Final selections are made on the basis of the written applications completed online. Demonstrated commitment to human rights and social justice, evidence of leadership potential, entrepreneurship and social maturity will inform the decisions of the selection committee. Engagement with the organization as well as the relevance of an applicant’s professional or voluntary work to the content of this training will furthermore be taken into account.

Final decisions will be announced before November 1, 2015. 

Humanity in Action does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or financial ability.


If you have any questions, please contact Johannes Lukas Gartner at: j.gartner@humanityinaction.org


This project is generously supported by the Germeshausen Foundation.