Senior Fellows & Leadership

Alexandria Margolis 

Project: “Aligning Incentives: Funding Care for Our Most Vulnerable Elders” (New York and California) 

Alexandria Margolis is a Project Manager for Advanced Illness Management at the North Shore-LIJ Health System where she leads strategic initiatives to develop and fund care models that address complex chronic disease and end-of-life. Prior to working in healthcare delivery, she gained experience with a health care advisory and financial services firm, private not-for-profits, and government agencies. Alexandria completed her Master of Public Administration in Health Policy and Management at New York University after graduating from its College of Arts and Science with a BA in English. She was born in Colorado, raised in Southern California, and now lives in New York City. Alexandria is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Poland 2011).

Christopher “Chris” McLaurin 

Project: “Towards a New Model for International Immigration Investing” (Pontiac and Detroit, MI and China) 

Christopher “Chris” McLaurin is Director of Gridiron Leaders Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes international education, cultural exchange, and people-to-people diplomacy between athletes from the United States and China. His interests are in social policy, youth/family social services, and social entrepreneurship, learning innovative solutions to entrenched social ills. Chris received his BA in history with high honors from the University of Michigan in 2009 and received his MSc in social policy from the London School of Economics in 2011. He was previously a Henry Luce Fellow, a White House Intern and Fulbright Scholar to South Africa. Chris is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (France 2008).

Fabiana “Fabi” Perera

Project: “Immigrant Philanthropy in Our Nation's Capital” (Washington, DC) 

Fabiana “Fabi” Perera is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University. Her research focuses on social spending in developing and resource dependent countries. She received her MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University, where she was a Fellow in Language and Area Studies, and her undergraduate degree from Northern Michigan University. She was born in New Jersey and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Fabiana is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Diplomacy and Diversity 2014).



Jasmine Burton

Project: “Atlanta: Resettled Refugees and the American South” (Atlanta and Clarkston, GA) 

Jasmine Burton founded Wish for WASH, LLC as an organization intended to bring innovation to sanitation through culturally specific design, research and education beginning in refugee communities. Her senior design team won first place and the people’s choice awards at the 2014 InVenture Prize Competition for the SafiChoo, an inexpensive mobile toilet intended to reduce the spread of diseases. The winnings enabled the team to pilot their design in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya under the auspices of Sanivation. Jasmine has since been working with a new team and with resettled refugees in Atlanta via the nonprofit, the Global Growers Network, in hopes of iterating the design to best meet user needs. She was born and raised in Atlanta. Jasmine is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Poland 2014).

Ryan Richards

Project: “How Do We Develop Philanthropists With Ethical and Effective Practices?” (Seattle and Washington, DC) 

Ryan Richards is the founder and CEO of Serve Smart, a company that helps programs prepares their volunteers for ethical and effective service. Prior to that, Ryan served as Executive Director of Nourish International, a national youth service movement to address global poverty. He graduated with an MPA from the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU, where he received the Boufford Award for innovative solutions to public service challenges. Ryan is also graduate from Juniata College and the United World College-USA. His passion is spanning cultural boundaries and building that capacity in individuals, programs and institutions. He was born and resides in the Pacific Northwest. Ryan is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (United States 2006). 

Susannah Shattuck 

Project: “Inside the Belly of the Beast: An Exploration of Community Outreach Initiatives at Two San Francisco Tech Companies” (San Francisco) 

Originally from Boston, Susannah Shattuck currently lives in San Francisco. She works for Prezi, a Hungarian-based startup that creates presentation software. She graduated in 2013 from Yale University, where she studied history and fine art. Susannah spent her academic career studying the power of art and culture to transform both individuals and society, and she is currently interested in the role of technology and entrepreneurship in shaping and mis-shaping communities. San Francisco is a particularly interesting place to study these issues, and Susannah enjoys spending her time trying to learn more about the complex web of relationships that the tech industry has wrought on this city and its inhabitants. Susannah is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (France 2013).

Terin Mayer 

Project: “Growing Equity: Philanthropy, Government and Social Enterprise in Minnesota’s sustainable food systems” (Twin Cities, MN) 

Terin Mayer is an organizer and social movement strategist based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Working with community-based nonprofits and labor unions, he has leveraged grassroots engagement into winning issue and electoral campaigns that advance racial and economic justice and helped to build organizations that develop the power of communities of color. He has an interest in long-term social change that strengthens democracy, deepens equity and fosters sustainability in the United States and around the globe. Terin received his bachelor’s degree with distinction from Carleton College where he studied political theory. He spent ten years of his childhood in Bolivia, Spain, and Chile with his younger sister and their parents, an elementary school educator and a US Air Force officer. Terin is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (United States 2009).

Zachariah Falconer-Stout

Project: “Intersection of Urbanism and Philanthropy in Denver” (Denver) 

Zachariah Falconer-Stout is an Evaluation Associate at EnCompass, LLC, where he leads impact evaluations and provides technical assistance for education programs. With a background in youth development, Zachariah has both been a classroom teacher and published on school management. Zachariah has lived and worked in Europe and Africa for over five years; recently returned from Zambia, he currently lives in Washington, DC. In 2012, he led a group of Senior Fellows, Peace Corps staff and volunteers, university students, and civil society activists in a project to develop simulation games to be used in youth democracy education programs. He recently received the Humanity in Action Dr. Louis Rabineau Award for outstanding leadership. Zachariah is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Germany 2008).

Program Leadership

Judith S. Goldstein 

Founder and Executive Director

Judith Goldstein founded Humanity in Action in 1997 and has served as its Executive Director ever since. Under Judith’s leadership, Humanity in Action has organized programs on international affairs, diversity and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States. She received her PhD in history from Columbia University and was a Woodrow Wilson Scholar for her MA studies. Judith has written several books and articles about European and American history, art and landscape architecture. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and several boards and advisory groups. She is originally from Great Neck, Long Island.


Anthony Chase

Director of Programs 

Anthony Chase serves as Director of Programs at Humanity in Action in New York City. He oversees a number of initiatives, including the Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, the annual New York Conference, the John Lewis Fellowship and the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship. Previously, he worked for Libraries Without Borders in Paris. Anthony is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he served as a research assistant in urban planning, political science and African studies departments. Anthony is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (France 2011) and grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Heather Lord

Senior Fellow and Board Member

HEATHER LORD has almost 20 years of experience in the philanthropic, social enterprise, corporate and academic sectors. She began as the communications strategist at a Rockefeller Foundation new media startup, then launched and directed programs at the Whitney family's Greentree Foundation for diplomacy and social justice, and was also a pop culture analyst and futurist trendspotter for Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve. Heather is the co-founder of V&H Social Impact Strategies, which helps individuals and institutions change the world by connecting the dots, thoughts, people and projects to turn inspiration into impact. She serves on boards for philanthropic, cultural, and international human rights organizations including Humanity In Action, TerreformONE at the Brooklyn Navy Yard NewLab, and the Global Philanthropy Committee of the Council on Foundations. She holds a Master in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Heather is also is a Humanity In Action Senior Fellow (Denmark, 1997).

Active in the philanthropic sector for almost 20 years at a Rockefeller Foundation new media startup, the Whitney family’s Greentree Foundation for diplomacy and social justice, and also in the private sector as a futurist trendspotter for Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve where she “brailled the culture” analyzing broad shifts and patterns in global consumer psychology. She serves on various boards for philanthropy, arts and international human rights organizations such as TerreformONE at the Brooklyn Navy Yard NewLab, Humanity In Action, the RNR Foundation, and the Global Philanthropy Committee of the Council on Foundations.

She was educated at the University of Chicago, Reed College, and she completed a Master of Public Policy at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She focuses her writing and research on historically and culturally comparative designs for social investment; the impact of globalization on philanthropic theory and practice; and the various institutions, technologies, and traditions that human beings have invented to generate social change and improve the common good.

Ms. Lord is a philanthropy and social enterprise strategist, consultant, blogger and speaker. She is currently consulting to individuals and foundations through her company V&H Social Impact Strategies; researching shifting trends and comparative traditions of philanthropy in US and other countries; and developing a new international initiative on resilience and social enterprise in urban conflict zones.

She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and for fun she does hot yoga, consumes novels with reckless abandon, spends time at her letterpress co-op and the Explorer's Club, and enters rural county fair baking contests.


Twitter: @miss_lord