Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship Schedule

The Michigan Theater, a once majestic theater in Detroit with more than 4,000 seats, is now the site of a parking garage. Photo by Philip Jarmain.

Unlike most of Humanity in Action’s programs, the Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship requires a limited time commitment and is accessible to working professionals. The Senior Fellows participated in two short and intense seminars: three days in Detroit in March and three days in New York in October. In the interim, the Senior Fellows conducted independent research on their own schedules.

The program’s three parts took place as follows:

Detroit meetings: March 19-21, 2015
The Senior Fellows met in Detroit with leaders in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and business, local government and community organizations. The intense set of meetings and discussions took place over a short period of time – two and half days – and provided the Senior Fellows with a fascinating and important example of contemporary innovations in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Research period: March-September 2015
Using the meetings and discussions in Detroit as inspiration, each Senior Fellow embarked on an independent research project about philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in his or her own community for a six-month period. Senior Fellows investigated new trends among philanthropists and entrepreneurs since the financial crisis and how such trends reflect particular local contexts and challenges. The research was mainly qualitative and interview-based. For more information, please see our FAQ section. 

New York meetings: October 15-17, 2015
Upon completion of the research projects, Senior Fellows reconvened in October for a second set of meetings with philanthropic and entrepreneurial leaders in New York City. The Senior Fellows shared their research during a public discussion in New York and published their research reports online.