2014 Paris Agenda

The following was the agenda for the 2014 Humanity in Action Fellowship in Paris, France.

May 30

Welcome to Paris

  • International fellows arrive and meet with host families. Free time to explore Paris. 

May 31

  • Introduction Game, Laurène Bounaud
  • Meeting the Fellows, Héctor Pascual
  • Brunch and Welcome Lecture, Majid El Jarroudi, social entrepreneur and Chair of the Board of  HIA France 
  • Introduction to the Paris Program and Logistics
  • Guided tour of the Goutte d’Or neighborhood, Jacky Libaud
  • Welcome Reception with Humanity in Action Board Members, Senior Fellows and Host Families   

June 1

  • France, the United States, and their Revolutionary Heritage, Anne-Lorraine Bujon, editorial director for the "Conventions" program on law and globalization at the Institute for Advanced Justice Studies     
  • Intercultural Matters: Creating a Safe SpaceLaurène Bounaud and Martine Alonso 
  • Paris from the Seine: Boat Tour of the City, Bateaux Mouches Tours 



June 2

  • Being French: the Four Pillars of Nationality, Patrick Weil, historian and political scientist     
  • Lunch at the Club des Poètes 
  • The French “Melting Pot," Eros Sana,  parliamentary assistant in the French Senate, a photographer, journalist, and community activist  
  • Group Discussion 
  • Guided Visit (Audioguies) of the National Assembly 

June 3

  • The Concept of Minority, Pap Ndiaye, historian and lecturer at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
  • Movie Screening: Identity at the Heart of the Black Question, Dir. Arnaud Ngatcha 
  • Pre-World War II Jewish History, Annette Wieviorka, historian
  • Guided Visit to the Mémorial de la Shoah
  • Learning from the Past: The Legacy of the US Civil Rights Movement, William A. Bell, mayor of Birmingham (Alabama)

June 4

  • Liberation as Conquest: Ending Slavery and Building Empire in Algeria, Gillian Weiss, historian and professor at Case Western Reserve University
  • Guided Visit of the Museum of Immigration
  • Algeria’s Colonial History, Benjamin Stora, historian  and professor at University of Paris 13
  • Discussion on the Memory of the Algerian War in France, Louisia Zanoun, historian and head of research and cultural affairs at Génériques and Souad Belhaddad, journalist, writer and actress 

June 5

  • Presentation of “D’ailleurs et d’ici”: Pulling Minority Voices into French History, Marc Cheb Sun, journalist and editor and François Vergès, historian and member of the Political Science Department at Goldsmith  College 
  • The Symbolic Reparation of Slavery, Michel Giraud, sociologist
  • Group Discussion

June 6

  • Workshop: Judging Crimes Against Humanity, Historical and Legal Aspects, Fabrice Teicher, former president and founder of Passeurs de Mémoires, an association focused around the education and memory of 20th century genocides
  • Debate Training, Romain Decharne, researcher and lecturer at SciencesPo Paris 
  • Media Training, Ladji Real, Producer, screenwriter, film director and actor 

June 7

  • Multicultural Heritage of the Arab World – Guided Visit of the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA
  • Overview of the Practices of Islam in France, Moussa Khedimellah, sociologist
  • Intellectual and Ideological Debates on Islamophobia in France, Marwan Mohammed, author, engineer in financial mathematics and statistics, and spokesperson of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France
  • Program Evaluation 
  • Tea at the Paris Mosque 

June 8

  • Day off



June 9

  • Urban Policy and the Crisis of the French Integration Model, Thomas Kirszbaum, sociologist and an Associate Researcher at the Institute for Political Social Sciences 
  • Jeunes de Quartier: A Political Identity?, Tara Dickman, activist and former director of HIA France
  • The Media Representation of the Suburbs, Ladji Real and Florence Morice, freelance journalist
  • Interviews with Ladji Real
  • Group Discussion 

June 10

  • Thirty Years On: Meeting with the Leader of the 1983 Anti-Racist March, Toumi Djaïdja, activist and leader of the “March for Equality (1983)
  • The History of Anti-Racist Movements from the 80s until Today, Rokhaya Diallo, activist, author and founder and former president of Les Indivisibles, a French organization that uses humor and irony to fight racism and stereotypes
  • Welcome at the Clichy Social Center, Agnès Faulcon (Director of the Social Centrer)
  • Round Table: Representing “les Quartiers” in Politics, Christophe Adji-Ahoudian, activist and deputy mayor in charge of “politique de la ville”, Fatou Meïte, Yassin Lamaoui, political leader, and Mehdi Bigaderne,  civil servant and activist 
  • Screening of La Cité Rose, Dir. Julien Abraham 
  • Exchange about the film, Laetitia Nonone, activist and founder of Zonzon 93 
  • Walking tour towards dinner location
  • Welcome address by the mayor of Clichy and the president of ACLEFEU
  • Dinner and discussion with members of ACLEFEU 

June 11

  • Keynote: On Using the Word “Communautarisme," Stéphane Dufoix, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre
  • Religious Education in France, Marine Quenin, political scientist and founder of ENQUÊTE and Samuel Grzybowski, President and Founder of Coexist, an interfaith youth movement
  • Group Discussion 
  • Picnic with the fellows of HIA’s Diplomacy and Diversity Program 

June 12

  • Taking Action Against Structural Discrimination: Higher Education —A Case Study, Daniel Sabbagh, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre d’études et de recherches internationales 
  • Promoting Equal Opportunities, Benjamin Blavier, founder and director of “Passeport Avenir” 
  • Lunch with Passeport Avenir at ICI + A Few Tips on Networking with Amy Hong, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 
  • Introduction to Action Projects, Tara Dickman 
  • Action Project Evening Party  

June 13

  • The Debates and Controversies of Ethnic Statistics, Patrick Simon, social demographer at the National Institute for Demographic Studies
  • Coffee break
  • Proving Racial Profiling in France, Siham Assbague, activist  

June 14

  • Legislative Framework on Anti-Discrimination, Karima Saïd, researcher in Law
  • How on Earth Can You Be Heterosexual?, Louis-Georges Tin, activist
  • Taking Action against Discrimination: Theater Forum Workshop, Héctor Pascual Álvarez

June 15

  • Day off



June 16

  • Presentation by the Think Tank Institut Montaigne, Laurent Bigorgne, director of the Institut Montaigne  
  • Economic Crisis in Europe: What’s at Stake?, Philippe Manière, political and economic affairs correspondent
  • The Rise of Populism, Hugo Micheron, researcher at Institut Montaigne
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How is Europe Treating Refugees?, Hélène Soupios-David, Project Officer at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles and Louise Carr, Membership Officer at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles
  • The Situation in Greece (+ Group Discussion), Antonia Asimakopolou, Maria Ntetsika, Vasiliki Katsomaliari (HIA fellows)

June 17

  • Who Are the Roma in France?, Samuel Delépine,  Lecturer in Social Geography at the University of Angers 
  • Decolonizing the Mind and Empowering Romas in Theory and in Practice, Sarah Carmona, activist and lecturer in history, archeology and art history, Saimir Mile, Roma activist, and the Chair of the minority rights group “The Voice of Roma” and Nara Ritz, Roma activist and director of the European Training Center on Diversity 

June 18

  • Action Projects: Defining your Issue, Tara Dickman 
  • Work in Small Groups
  • Drafting Work Plans for the Upcoming Days, Tara Dickman
  • Conversation with Diane Humetewa, federal district court judge for the District of Arizona  

June 19 - 23

  • Fellows Work on their Action Projects

June 24 - 25

  • Fellows Present their Action Projects 

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