2014 Berlin Agenda

The following was the agenda for the 2014 Humanity in Action Fellowship in Berlin, Germany. 

May 31


  • Introduction to the Program and Practical Information, Aseem Mehta (Senior Fellow Intern), Anna Stefaniak (Senior Fellow Intern), Leon Schettler (Program Coordinator), Antje Scheidler (Director, Humanity in Action Germany)
  • Getting to Know Each Other, Aseem Mehta (Senior Fellow Intern) and Leon Schettler (Program Coordinator) 
  • Exploring Berlin  
  • Personal Experience: Bring an Object 
  • Welcome Dinner to the Fellowship Program

June 1

Origins and Mechanisms of Discrimination  

  • Social-Psychological Mechanisms of Discrimination, Jana Eyssel, Queens University Belfast
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated Anna Stefaniak
  • Group Work: The Concept of Group-Focused Hostility 

June 2

German Identities and Diversity 

  • Agreeing on Ground Rules for Discussions and Debriefing Sessions, Moderated by Aseem Mehta and Anna Stefaniak 
  • Germany and its Quest for Identity, Dr. Joachim Baur, Historian 
  • Diversity as Normalcy - Neighborhood Walks in Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Debriefing and Discussion 
  • A Journalist’s Perspective: German-Greek relations, Katerina Oikonomakou, Journalist / Member of the Humanity in Action Advisory Board in Greece 

June 3

Remembrance – Authenticity, Place and Memorial Sites

  • Overview of Fellows' Expectations, Plenary Room Sachsenhausen 
  • Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen, Guided tour with Dr. Russell Alt-Haaker, PhD Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Germanic Languages & Literatures / Tour Guide  
  • Debriefing and Discussion
  • Return to Berlin

June 4

Forced Labor - Past and Present

  • Guided Tour, Documentation Center Forced Labour
  • The Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future – History and Present Projects, Dr. Martin Salm, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr. Ralf Possekel, Head of Programs 
  • Forced Labour in Germany Today, Paula Riedemann, Ban Ying Counselling Center  
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Rachel Anderson and Matthias Zeller

June 5

Germany’s Colonial Past

  • Coloniality and Institutional Racism, Joshua Kwesi Aikins, Political Scientist
  • Walking Tour: Germany and Its Colonial Past, Tour of Afrikanisches Viertel (African Quarter), Josephine Apraku, Association Berlin Postkolonial e. V. 
  • Panel Discussion: The Faces of Racism and How to Deal with It. Panelists: Emilia Roig, PhD at the Humboldt University and Science Po Lyon, Noa Ha, Member of the Board of Directors of the Migration Council Berlin-Brandenburg, Asian-German Network, Dominik Wullers, 1. Vice Chair of the Association German Soldier (Deutscher Soldat e. V.) Moderation: Meral El, Union Education and Science 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Leon Schettler 

June 6

Right-Wing Extremism

  • Introduction to the Right-Wing Scence, Antje Scheidler
  • The NSU Terror Cell and the Trial - Lessons Learned, Lena Kampf, Freelance Investigative Journalist / Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 
  • A Former Insider’s Perspective: Leaving the Right-Wing Scene, Matthias Adrian, EXIT-Germany - Ways Out Of Extremism 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Jill Pöggel and Anna Skowera
  • Project “Mitte gegen Rechts,” Anna-Delia Papenberg, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 

June 7

Transformation Processes in Germany after 1949

  • Transformation Processes in Germany, Dr. Marcus Michel, Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Guided Tour, Memorial Site Berlin Wall

June 8

  • Day off

June 9

Translating knowledge and passion into ACTION 

  • Working Groups: Share Personal Experience
  • Share Findings with the Group
  • What are Humanity in Action’s Expectations?
  • Brainstorming Ideas 
  • The Challenge
  • Hot Spot: The Current Situation in Ukraine, Yuliia Petriv and Mariia Ischenko, Humanity in Action Fellows from Ukraine

June 10

The Discourses on Immigration and Integration

  • Immigration and Integration, Özcan Mutlu, Member of Parliament, Green Party  
  • Visit the Reichstag-Dome
  • Representation of Islam in the Media, Dr. Sabine Schiffer, Institute for Media Science
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Narku Laing and Jesse McGleughlin

June 11

Religious Diversity in Germany

  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A Cultural Historical Comparison, Guided Tour with Ufuk Topkara, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 
  • Individual Tour in the Jewish Museum
  • Interview with Ahmad Mansour about the Project, “Heroes” 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Beverly Li and Katharina Meyer
  • Jewish Life in Germany Today: A Community’s Changing Face Through Immigration, Boris Moshkovits 

June 12

Antisemitism and Antiziganism

  • Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel as a Discursive Field, Dr. Peter Ullrich, Center for Research on Antisemitism
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Alexander Simon-Fox and Johanna Bohl
  • Antiziganism, Markus End, Political Scientist 
  • Hot Spot: The Current Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dženana Preljević and Miroslav Ilić, Humanity in Action Fellows from Bosnia and Herzegovina 

June 13 

Seeking Asylum  

  • Seeking Asylum in Europe: A Journalist’s Perspective, Maximilian Popp, Journalist, Der Spiegel 
  • Personal Experiences: Café Exil in Hamburg and the Berlin Refugee Protest Camp, Carolin Wiedemann, Journalist / Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and Napuli Langa, Activist Refugee Camp Oranienplatz, moderated by Antje Scheidler and Leon Schettler 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Saad Malik and Merry Manson 
  • Teaching German History in a Multiethnic Classroom, Prof. Viola Georgi, University of Hildesheim 

June 14

Discrimination of Women / Sexism

  • Feedback on the Program with Coffee and Cake
  • Depicting Women in the Media, Katrin Gottschalk, Editor, MISSY Magazine
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Anne Aulinger and Saim Saeed

June 15

  • Day off

June 16

Homophobia: Past and Present

  • The Persecution of Homosexuals under National Socialism and after World War II, Anne Stalfort, Humanity in Action / TransInterQueer e. V.
  • Tour de Table / Fellows Discussion, moderated by Agata Majos and Jonathan Johnson
  • Gender Identity, Gender Expression and the Struggle for Trans* Rights, Leo Y. Wild, Gay Counselling Service Berlin, TransInterQueer e. V.
  • Hot Spot: The Current Situation in Greece, Regina Frentzou and Evanthia Panagiotou, Humanity in Action Fellows from Greece

June 17

Develop Your Project Ideas 

  • Social Heroes - For Inclusion and Accessibility, Raul Krauthausen, Sozialhelden e. V. 
  • Introduction to the Action Project Phase
  • Project Planning - Shape Your Action Project According to Your Resources and Your Community, Anne Stalfort, Humanity in Action
  • Individual Work
  • Share Project Ideas with the Group 
  • Working Groups - Feedback on Project Ideas

June 18-20

  • Individual or Group Work on Action Projects 

June 18

The Eurocrisis

  • Meet Dr. Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action, facilitated by Anna Stefaniak and Aseem Mehta, Humanity in Action Senior Fellows
  • The Eurocrisis and the Future of European Democracy, Lars Brozus, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
  • Optional Program: Public Screening of the Soccer World Cup 2014

June 19

The Power of Art

  • Screening of Documentary Film: “Refuge in Music” 
  • Debriefing: The Power of Art in Your Life

June 20

Youth Unemployment in Europe

  • Feedback on Individual and Group Research
  • Unemployment among Youth in Europe, Marta Makhoul, International Labour Organization 

June 21

Project Management

  • Brunch with Humanity in Action Alumni 
  • Input on Project Management / How to Organize Volunteer Teams?, Henry Alt-Haaker, Program Officer at the Robert Bosch Foundation / Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 

June 22

  • Day off

June 23

Pitch Your Project

  • Working Groups: Discuss Findings from Individual Research
  • How to pitch a project?, Mona Shair-Wloch, Key2Advance Coach and Trainer
  • Develop Your Project Pitch
  • Test the Pitch with the Group / Feedback by the Group
  • Refine Pitches
  • Racism as a Human Rights Violation, Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science

June 24

Finalize Project Plan / Individual Farewells to the City 

June 25

Closing the Fellowship Program

  • Evaluation of the Program
  • Fellows Present Project Ideas
  • Closing Remarks
  • Farewell Reception with Host Families and Guests

June 26

Departure for Denmark

June 26 - 29

Fifth Humanity in Action International Conference, Sønderborg/Denmark

June 29

Return to Berlin


Program Supporters
  • Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft")
  • Humanity in Action, Inc.
  • The participation of Greek students is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


Humanity in Action Germany also wishes to thank our partners, host familes, Senior Fellows, and friends of Humanity in Action. These contributions help to prepare outstanding students for a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility and the promotion of human rights. 

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