2013 Program in Lyon

June 1

Welcome to Lyon

  • Welcome and participant introductions
  • Introduction to the  Humanity in Action Lyon Program 

June 2

Introduction to Community Organizing (Phase 1) 

  • "Reflecting on Privileges: Understanding 'The Other,'" Alison Knight, social justice activist
  • "CO: The Notion of Power in Community Organizing," Tara Dickman, senior community organizer for civil rights campaign in France, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow
  • "CO: Owning your Story, Defining your Self-Interest," Tara Dickman 

June 3

Diversity in the History of the Indivisible Republic

  • "France and the US, Heirs to Their Revolutions," Vincent Michelot, Professor at Sciences Po Lyon, French specialist in political history of the United States
  • "The Concept of the 'Abstract Citizen'” in France," Annie Lechenet, Professor of Philosophy at IUFM Lyon
  • "The Evolution of the Debate on Ethnic Statistics in France," Olivier Richomme, Professor in American Civilization at Lyon 2 and the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon, author of "Diversity in America: Political Representation of Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the United States"
  • Screening of “Blacks: Identity at the Heart of the Black Issue," film by Arnaud Ngatcha 

June 4

French History of Slavery and Colonialism

  • "Slavery and the Question of Reparation," Louis-Georges Tin, President of CRAN (Reprensentative Council of Black Associations in France)
  • Screening of “the Battle of Algiers”, film by Gillo Pontecorvo
  • "Understanding the Algerian War of Independence," Samadia Sadouni, Senior Lecturer in political science at Sciences Po Lyon
  • "The Legacy of the Algerian war on Soldiers involved," Bernard Gerland, French actor and participant in the war in Algeria, author of "My War in Algeria" 

June 5

Dealing with the Past through Culture 

  • "The Concept of Minority in France," Pap N’diaye, Lecturer at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, member of the Editorial Board of the Journal l’Histoire
  • Introduction to Forum Theater, which uses theatre as a forum for teaching people how to change their world, Guila Clara Kessous, Professor at Carr Center of the Kennedy School at Harvard University 

June 6

Rememberence and the Holocaust                

  • Travel to the National Center for the History of Resistance and Deportation
  • Visit of the exhibition on the History of Resistance and Deportation in France 
  • Screening of the trial of Klaus Barbie
  • "Museums and Memorial Sites: Discussion on the Different Forms of Remembrance," Rémi Korman, doctoral candidate in history at EHESS and Isabelle Rivé 

June 7

Migration and Intercultural Approaches to Diversity 

  • "The History of Immigration in the French Republic," Jacques Barrou, Professor of Immigration and Integration Politics at Sciences-Po Grenoble
  • "Overview on the Practices of Islam in France," Mohamed Ali-Adraoui, researcher and teacher at Sciences Po, Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence 
  • Thematic workshop on intercultural dialogue with Espace Projets Associatifs and grassroots organizations in Vaulx-en-Velin
  • Shared food and music with grassroots organizations (bring your instrument if you have one) 

June 8

Interreligious Dialogue in France

  • Travel to the Great Mosque of Lyon
  • Visit of the Lyon Mosque with M. Diouf 
  • Group reflection and discussion of the challenges of interfaith dialogue  

June 10

Territorial Inequalities and National Identity

What is French Identity 

  • "The Rural Areas in France," Pierre Cornu, professor of Modern History at Lyon 2 University, founding member of the Laboratory of Rural Studies of Lyon 
  • "The Fight for Equality in the Overseas," Sophie Elizéon, Ministerial Delegate for Equal Opportunities for French from Overseas
  • "The Extreme Right Wing Activists in Lyon," Dr. Jean-Louis Touraine, Representative for the 3rd district of the Rhône department in the French National Assembly
  • "Y’a Bon Awards" a spoof ceremony rewarding those with the most racist discourses 

June 11

Laïcité, Racism, and Discrimination 

  • "Discrimination in French Law," Valérie Fontaine, Office head of HALDE – The French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission
  • "The Implementation of the Principle of “Laïcité”," Patrick Weil, French historian and political scientist, Research Fellow at the University of Paris 
  • Viewing of an excerpt of a debate on feminism from French TV
  • "Current Situation of the debate on Feminism in France: Fighting for Equal Rights at the Intersection of Gender, Race and Religion," Judith Ijtihad Lefebvre, First Secretary of Muslim Homosexuals of France, Feminists for Equality
  • Screening of “La Haine”, film by Mathieu Kassovitz 

June 12

Perceptions and Representations of the Banlieues 

  • "Urban Politics: French Specificities," Lila Combe, Professor of Urban Planning at Aix-Marseille University
  • Guided Tour at la Duchère, a project of urban renewal, Bruno Couturier
  • "The March for Equality in 1983 and the Evolution of the Anti-racist Movements in Contemporary France," Majid El Jarroudi, President of Humanity in Action France
  • "Everyday Ethnic Categorizations and the Relationship to Politics," Camille Hamidi, author of “Civil Society in the Suburbs. Voluntary Commitment and Politicization in Grassroots Organizations” 

June 13

Fighting Discrimination at the Political, Institutional, and Grassroots level

Promoting Diversity in the Media

  • "Fighting Discrimination in the Grand Lyon," Dounia Besson, Deputy Mayor of the 9th district, Delegate for Urban Policy and housing
  • Presentation of the ACSE (National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities), Frédéric Callens, Director of the National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities
  • "Empowerment and Civil Society in France," Hélène Balazard, Associate Research Fellow at the Unesco Chair 
  • "Getting Diversity into the Media: Best Practices," Wafa Dahmane, journalist at France 3, Mouloud Aïssou and Nawal Aïssou 

June 14

From School to the Elite- Making it in France

  • "Democratization of Education and Equal Opportunity Policies in Universities," Gilles Pollet, Professor at the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon
  • "Professional Development and Social Entrepreneurship: a Solution to Fight Social and Racial Discrimination," Vincent Chevallier, Founder Rhône-Alpes section of “Mozaïk RH," Camille Panczer, ENACTUS and Mohamed Barchi, B-UNIT 
  • Diversity in the workplace, the example of l’Oreal 

June 17

Introduction to Community Organizing Training (Phase 2) 

  • "From Problem to Issue: From Rsearch to Action," Tara Dickman, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow
  • "Defining Your Strategy: The Power Analysis and the Action," Tara Dickman
  • Media training with Ladji Real, director, actor, and producer (“Biloba Cinem’art”)
  • Screening of “Des Français sans Histoire”, film by Raphaël Pillosio 

June 18

Romophobia in France 

  • "A Historical Perspective: Overview on Rroma History," Sarah Carmona, Coordinator of the Cultural Department of the “Union Romani” 
  • Roundtable: "Representing the Rroma at the Local, National and EU Level: What are the Challenges?" with Hubert Julien-Laferrière, Deputy mayor of Lyon, Ghislaine Durand, European Forum for Rroma and Travellers and Martin Demirovski, Open Society Foundations
  • "The Specificities of Gens Du Voyage (Travelers) in France," Xavier Pousset, Director of ARTAG
  • Site visits in small groups 

June 19

When Human Rights run into Moral Issues

"Rroma deportation in Villeurbanne," Père Matthieu Thouvenot, parish preist of Gerland

"How Individuals can Join Forces to Fight the Expulsion of Rroma," Claude Massault, League of Human Rights and Sahra Thomas  

June 20

Group Work

  • Work in teams on action projects 

June 21

Group Work

  • Work in teams on action projects
  • National Music Day 

June 22

Senior Fellow Day - Networking

  • Workshop : “How to Develop your Network,” Karim Derrouiche and Karim Mahmoud-Vintam
  • Meeting with the Humanity in Action Senior Fellows 

June 24

Group Work

  • Work in teams on action projects 
  • 100-Word Summary of Action Projects due 

June 25

Presentation of Results

  • Presentation of Action Projects
  • Closing Party 

June 26

  • Free Day

June 27



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