2013 Program in Berlin

The theme for the 2013 Humanity in Action Fellowship in Berlin is "Group Focused Hostility – Its Roots and its Consequences."  A group of 22 university students and recent graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States explores historic and contemporary human rights issues. The program concludes with the Humanity in Action International Conference in Warsaw “Transitions in a Modern World. Democracy, Human Rights and Diversity,” bringing together more than 200 participants from Europe and the United States.

June 1


  • Introduction and Practical Information: Florian Druckenthaner, Program Director, Antje Scheidler, Director, Humanity in Action Germany, and Priya Fielding-Singh, Intern
  • Getting to Know Each Other, Priya Fielding-Singh 
  • Visit Memorial Sites in Berlin by bus
  • “Germany 101: A Not so Serious introduction,”  Dr. Russell Alt-Haaker, PhD Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Germanic Languages & Literatures
  • Welcome: Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen, Honorary Chair of Humanity in Action Germany  
  • Welcome Meeting with Humanity in Action Senior Fellows

June 2 

Group Focused Hostility – Theory and Practice 

  • Personal Experience: Bring an Object that is related to group identity or group focused enmity
  • "Group Focused Enmity – Concept and Survey Results," Prof. Andreas Zick, Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG) and Chair for Socialization and Conflict Research at the Faculty for Educational Science at the University of Bielefeld  
  • Visit “Prater”, a typical German Beer Garden

June 3

History and Identity in Germany 

  • "Germany and its Quest for Identity," Dr. Joachim Baur, Historian / Die Exponauten
  • "Diversity as Normalcy" - Neighborhood Walks in Kreuzberg. International teams will be formed and each team will get a set of questions and will be asked to find out specific facts about the neighborhood.
  • Mosque Visit: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum, Dachgeschoss 
  • Debriefing and Discussion

June 4

Remembrance – Authentic Places and Memorial Sites

  • Depart from Potsdamer Platz
  • Arrive in Oranienburg
  • Visit Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen, Straße der Nationen 22, 
  • Overview of Fellows' Expectations
  • Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen
  • Guided tour with Dr. Russell Alt-Haaker, PhD Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Germanic Languages & Literatures / Tour Guide
  • Debriefing and Discussion, Plenary Room Sachsenhausen 
  • Return to Berlin 

June 5

Forced Labor - Past and Present

  • Guided Tour Documentation Center Forced Labour: Schöneweide, Barrack 13
  • "Teaching and Learning about History in a High-Tech Society: New Media Approaches," Dr. Cord Pagenstecher, Center for Digital Systems, Free University Berlin 
  • Fellows Discussion, Moderated by Joshua Aiken, Shira Tessmann and Kateryna Zeziulina
  • Film: “Work Without Pay? Exploitation Without Compensation? Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation in Germany,” film by the German Institute for Human Rights
  • "Labor Exploitation in Germany Today," Paula Riedemann, Program Coordinator, Ban Ying Counselling Center 

June 6

Germany and its Colonial Past

  • Working groups: Reflecting on privileges - Understanding the other
  • Tour of Afrikanisches Viertel (African Quarter) on the trails of Berlin’s Colonial Past, led by Christian Kopp, Historian, Berlin-Postkolonial e. V. 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Ali Chabuk, Chelsea Halstead and Theresa Fuhrmann
  • Presentation by Joshya Kwesi Aikins

June 7

Othering, Discrimination, and Racism

  • "Race, Racism and Resistance in Germany," Nadine Golly, Institute for Integrative Studies, University Lüneburg 
  • Panel Discussion: "How To Overcome Racism and Xenophobia in Germany?"
  • Fellows Discussion, Moderated by Rachel Landry, Yi Lu and Fatima El Sayed
  • "The UN Protection System against Racial Discrimination," Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad, Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences 

June 8

  • Day Off

June 9

Divided Germany, 1949-1989

  • Guided Tour of the Berlin Wall Memorial Site, tour guide Miriamne Fields
  • "The Wall and Art" visit to the East Side gallery

June 10

Right-Wing Extremism

  • "Group-Focused Hostility and Right-Wing Extremism," Anetta Kahane, Director, Amadeu-Antonio Foundation, Berlin 
  • "A Former Insider’s Perspective: Leaving the Right-Wing Scene," Christian Weissgerber, EXIT-Germany - Ways Out Of Extremism
  • Project “Mitte gegen Rechts,” Anna-Delia Papenberg, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow 

June 11

Immigration and the Discourse on Integration

  • "Immigration and Integration in Germany: From Reluctance to Normalcy?" Dr. Ulrich Raiser, Network Migration in Europe  
  • Project “with WINGS and ROOTS,” Isabel Schröer, Member of the Project Team and Humanity in Action Fellow
  • Simulation Game “Building a Mosque in Town” 
  • Moderated Talk: "Young Muslims In Germany"

June 12

Immigration and (Anti-)Discrimination

  • Travel to Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency
  • "Political Participation of Migrants and Integration Policy," Younes Ouaqasse, Member of the Governing Board of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU)
  • Fellows Discussion
  • "Migration and the Health Care System," Dr. Elif Cindik, Psychiatrist, Munich

June 13 

Homophobia and Hostility Towards the Disabled

  • Visit to Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime, guided by Anne Stalfort, Humanity in Action, TransInterQueer e. V. 
  • Interview on Homophobic Violence and Hate Crimes in Berlin with Bastian Finke, MANEO  
  • "Hostility Towards the Disabled," Raul Krauthausen, Sozialhelden e.V. 

June 14  

Sinti and Roma, Holocaust Education, and Jewish Life in Germany 

  • "Antigypsyism in Germany," Markus End, Political Scientist, Berlin 
  • "Teaching German History in a Multiethnic Classroom," Prof. Viola Georgi, University of Hildesheim 
  • Fellows Discussion, moderated by Kerim Somun and Priyanka Srinivasa
  • "Jewish Life in Germany Today," Boris Moshkovits, Magazine Cicero 
  • Discuss Action Projects 

June 15

  • Workshop - Video Filming for Human Rights

June 16

  • Day Off

June 17

Phase II: Teamwork

  • "Economically Troubled Times: Germany's Role in Europe Today," Dr. Klaus Scharioth, Ambassador, Humanity in Action Board Member
  • Team Work: Developing a work plan for the week

June 18

Group Work

  • "Antisemitism in Germany Today," Dr. Sergey Lagodinsky, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Humanity in Action Board Member 
  • German Apple Tarte & Coffee with Dr. Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action

June 19-23

  • Work in groups on Action Projects

June 24

  • Prepare short Presentations
  • "Hostility Towards women and Sexism," Anne Wizorek, Initiator of twitter campaign #aufschrei (#outcry)

June 25

Presentation of Results

  • Group Presentations of Action Projects
  • Farewell Reception with host families and guests

June 27

Depart for Humanity in Action International Conference in Warsaw, Poland: "Transitions in a changing world.  Democracy, Human Rights, and Diversity"



Program Supporters

"Group Focused Hostility – Its Roots and its Consequences" was generously supported by:

  • Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft")
  • Humanity in Action, Inc.
  • Many other institutions, host families and friends of Humanity in Action.


These contributions help to prepare outstanding students for a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility and the promotion of human rights.


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