MICC WeB - High Schools

Simulations of the International Criminal Court will take place in six cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia throughout 2014 and 2015. All the while, high school that will send their students to participate at the sessions will play a big part in the simulations.  Each simulation will include two high schools from each of the above mentioned countries, which means that a total of thirty-six different schools will participate at the six sessions. 

Each school will send five pupils and a chaperone teacher per session. Model International Criminal Court WeB wants to especially grant the opportunity to schools that are not a part of the regional centers to participate in the project, as well as the schools that have not participated in various international projects so far. We wish to enable different high schools to participate , since this could open up doors for other projects and programs and to offer the pupils enrolled in these schools the opportunity to explore through non-formal education the foundations of human rights and free thinking violations, which have not been present at the official high school curricula so far. 

Model International Criminal Court – MICC will take place in the languages spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, thereby not limiting participation to only those pupils who have the opportunity to learn and speak English. 

The selection process of pupils will start six to eight weeks before the session itself, while the project organizers and coordinators are responsible for sending the official call for participation to schools. This is followed by teachers from respective schools selecting the potential participants who will write their statements of motivation. In cooperation with the project coordinators and based on the motivation statements, each school will selected five pupils who will participate at 5-day simulations. During this time, they will get to know the basics of the legal system and the international criminal law, bond with other pupils from the region, and explore the events from the history of Africa and Europe.