Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina is implementing the MICC WeB project along with its partners: 


Open Communication is an academic debate network working on advancing the culture of dialogue and developing critical thinking supported by arguments. It was founded in 1997 by the students and professors of the University of Belgrade and modeled after the debate clubs of prestigious European university centers. The network currently consists of more than a hundred active members. More than 1500 students have completed their educational programs in the fields of debate, communication, critical thinking, argumentation, case studies and public speaking. 

HERMES is a non-governmental organization created by a group of idealists that have been working for years on developing their argumentative, rhetoric and communication skills through debates, working with young people, and social activism. However, they wanted to find a way to consolidate all these things and offers other the opportunity to develop their skills in the same way – not competitively or as a hobby, but as the initiators of actual changes in the society.