About "Encouraging Democratic Values and Active Citizenship Among Youth"

The seven-month long program has the goal of transferring knowledge on democratic principles and human rights, stimulating critical thinking about sensitive issues and encouraging the development of communication and research skills of participants.

The program consists of the following components:

Nine-Day Education and Skills Development Training (3-11 December 2016)

This part of the program aims primarily to transfer the knowledge on different models of democracy, democratic values, the basic postulates of active citizenship and democratic political culture, human rights, nationalism, identity, and youth activism. The practical component of this part of the program will focus on developing leadership, communication and research skills. The program will also include an introductory course on basic debating skills, conducted by national and international debating champions.

Individual research (December 2016 – February 2017)

This allows participants to explore the issues which are more broadly connected to the existing obstacles that hinder the effective participation of youth in their local communities, and to explore the examples of discrimination and violation of human rights among young people. Mentors will be assigned to participants, who will be able to offer guidelines during the research process.

Three-day Project Management and Advocacy Training (March 2017)

This component of the program will give the participants an opportunity for the presentation of their individual research, but also for the development of skills in the area of project and financial management. During this module, the participants will be divided into three groups and will work together to develop project ideas that will address some of the issues identified as “problematic” during the research phase. At the end of the training, each group will have designed their mini project and obtained funds for their implementation.

Implementation of Four Group Projects (April – June 2017)

Participants will have three months to implement their own mini projects and to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the previous phases of the program.

Promotion of the Implemented Campaigns (July – August 2017)

Media and scoial network promotion of the implemented campaigns.

Closing Ceremony and Debate Tournament (September 2017)

The outcomes of the civic campaigns will be presented at a public event in Sarajevo, where participants will use multimedia presentations to demonstrate the ability of young people to bring about positive change in their communities. In its fourth year, the program will continue last year’s successful pilot debating tournament as a permanent program component to further hone participants’ critical thinking and presentation skills. The final debate tournament will be open to other students, with the idea that the initiative will be a first step towards the creation of a vibrant university debate community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Applications are open until 6 November 2016.

More information in local languages is available at: http://www.facebook.com/PDVIAGMM.