2012 Copenhagen Program

June 1 

Introduction to Humanity in Action

  • Departure to summer cottage in Vedbæk
  • Presentation of the Humanity in Action Fellowship in Copenhagen by Morten Østervang, Director of Humanity in Action Denmark 
  • Welcoming remarks by Anders Jerichow, Chair of Humanity in Action Denmark
  • Introduction to Humanity in Action by Magnus Harrison, Project Manager of Humanity in Action Denmark

June 2

Danish Politics and Society

  • “The Danish political system,” presentation by Clement Kjærsgaard, journalist and TV anchor for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation 
  • "Expectations and group dynamic workshop," presentation by Linda Lapina, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow
  • Introduction to action plans presented by Magnus Harrison, Project Manager of Humanity in Action Denmark
  • "Civil Society, States and Climate Change," presentation by Alexander Ege, Political Advisor for The Danish 92 Group – Forum for Sustainable Development, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (2006), MSc in international development studies and EU studies from Roskilde University

June 3

  • Departure from Vedbæk to Copenhagen

June 4

The Welfare State Under Threat

  • "Challenges to the Danish welfare society. A focus on the limits of the welfare state," presentation by Bo Lidegaard, Editor-in-Chief of Politiken, historian, author and former advisor on foreign policy to the Danish Prime Minister
  • "Whose responsibility? How the Danish welfare state was built – and upheld today," presentation by Frederik Thuesen, Research co-director (Research Group on Politics & Organization), Ph.D in Sociology and M.A. in history of ideas and sociology
  • "Tools to a cohesive society: Why DYC promotes youth participation in volunteer organizations and in representative democracy," presentation by Bente Ryberg, National Director of the Danish Youth Council and Master of Political Science
  • "The Danish labour market and the role of the social partners,” presentation by Lisa Schmidt, development consultant in the Management Secretariat at LO, and Chief Consultant at DA for Martin Steen Kabongo
  • Group discussion  

June 5

Building a Nation and Civil Society

  • “From Middle-range Monarchy to Small Nation – The Evolution of Danish Civil Society,” presentation by Carsten Due-Nielsen, Associate Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Copenhagen
  • “Influence and interests. The distribution of power in Denmark,” presentation by Ove K. Pedersen, Professor in Comparative Political Economy and Founder of Department of Business and Politics (formerly known as the International Center for Business and Politics) at Copenhagen Business School

June  6

Implementation of Human Rights in Denmark

  • “The role of Denmark’s National Human Rights Institution," presentation by Jonas Christoffersen, Dr. Jur and Director of Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR)
  • “The history and development of human rights and the implementation of human rights in Denmark – Right holders and duty bearers – right based approach,” presentation by Anders Folmer Buhelt, Department of Justice Director at the DIHR
  • “Is activism necessary in a country such as Denmark, which adheres to UN Human rights declarations of human rights and where a democratic and responsive state protects its citizens?“ presentation by Claus Juul, legal consultant at Amnesty International
  • “Arguments against Human Rights,” presentation by Søren Hviid Pedersen, Associate Professor in political theory at the Institute for Political Science, University of Southern Denmark

  • “Human Rights – a new security discourse,” presentation by Helle Porsdam, Professor at the SAXO-institute for Archeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin, History at the University of Copenhagen, Ph.d. in American Studies from Yale University
  • Group discussion
  • “Free to Choose” workshop by Anne Frank Foundation Denmark

June 7

Inclusion – a Danish Approach

  • “Strong civil society or strong state or both? The Scandinavian lesson,” presentation Lars Torpe, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Aalborg University
  • “The role of equality bodies and the implementation of the non-discrimination principle in Denmark,” presentation by Nanna Margrethe Krusaa, Special consultant to the Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • “Liberal tolerance and intolerance in Denmark and Europe,” a presentation by Per Mouritsen, Professor of Political Theory and Citizenship Studies in the Political Science Department, Aarhus University
  • ”Diversity and inclusion – Engage in CPH,” a presentation by Rune Kier Nielsen, Anthropologist, Communications advisor and Speechwriter at the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, Copenhagen
  • Group visits and discussions on civil society organizations and inclusion

June 8

Marginalization and Exclusion

  • “No dope, no hope! – Drug Users in downtown Vesterbro,” presentation by Lars Gadegaard Hansen, a Vesterbroer, and Michael Lodberg Olsen, social entrepreneur and initiator of a series of projects focusing on drug use at Vesterbro
  • “A sex worker or a prostituted? A woman’s right to choose,” a presentation by Susanne Møller, Sex worker and spokesperson for Sexarbejdernes Interesseorganisation (SiO)
  • “The meaning of recognition and the existence of living without hope,” presentation by Annemette Nyfos, leader of Nørrebroarbejdet
  • Group visits and discussions on working with marginalized and excluded groups

June 11

One Nation Under God: Religion, State and Civil Society in Denmark

  • “Handling religion in Denmark – historical perspectives and contemporary situation,” presentation by Tim Jensen mag.art., cand.mag from University of Southern Denmark
  • “State-Church-Religion-Relations in Denmark – No Wall of Separation,” presentation by Dr. Lisbet Christoffersen, Professor of Law, Religion and Society, Department for Society and Globalization, Roskilde University
  • “Is the freedom of thought in regression? – How to disagree in a decent manner and protect the interests of minorities?” presentation by Margrethe Winther-Nielsen from Åndsfrihed (Liberty of Thought)
  • “Freedom of religion vs. religious equality” A debate on the relationship between the state and Church, and the status that the Christian Church has in Denmark as a multicultural society. A debate between Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner, Pastor at the Danish Church Mia Rahr Jacobsen and Imam Naveed Baig. 
Moderated by Stéphanie Lagoutte, Senior Research fellow at The Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • Group discussions

June 12 

Civil Resistance and Disobedience – When and How Are We Doing What Is Right?

  • “Grassroots movements and civil disobedience in Denmark – based on personal experience,” presentation by Toni Liversage, Mag.art in Slavic philology, translator and author
  • “The emotional, cultural and political aspects of 'banned' collective memories – the case of the Waffen-SS and collaboration with the Nazis,” presentation by Niels Bo Poulsen, Senior advisor and head of Centre for Military History at the Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen
  •  “Civil disobedience – a democratic duty?” presentation by Søs Bayer, Cand.mag. and Ph.D., Pedagogy
  • “Refugees and Rescue: The paradoxes of Danish Holocaust history,” presentation by Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke, PhD, History; MA, History & Sociology; Senior Researcher and Head of the research unit on Holocaust and genocide at DIIS
  • Group discussions

June 13

Asylum and Refugees

  • "Migration in Europe – rights, positions and definitions,” presentation by Helle Stenum, Ph.D. and migration researcher at Roskilde University
  • “On the Run for Life," presentation by Erik Hansen from Grandparents for Asylum, talking about his personal experience during WWII and his efforts to advocate for the rights of refugee children in Denmark today
  • Guided tour in Centre Sandholm – “Red Cross and the asylum seekers,” presentation by Thorbjørn Bosse Olander, lawyer at the Danish Red Cross Asylum Department
  • Group discussions

June 14

Limiting Public Space, Fundamental Rights and Participatory Citizenship – For the Sake of Security

  • “Personal autonomy, political rights and state security,” presentation by Jens Vedsted-Hansen, Professor of Law at Aarhus University
  • “Freedom of speech, an absolutist, relativist and liberalist perspective in the South Asian context,” presentation by Mrutyuanjai Mishra, a commentator in Danish media on South Asian region and its influence on the Danish society
  • “Personal freedom – how free are Danes really?” presentation by Jacob Mchangama, Senior Lawyer at liberal think-tank, CEPOS
  • Group discussions

June 15


June 18

Anti-Terror Laws and Their Impact on Civil Society

  • “Terrorism and securitization,” presentation by Ole Wæver, Professor of International Relations in the Political Science Department at the University of Copenhagen and director of Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST)
  • “The impacts of fear from terrorism,” presentation by Peter Kemp, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, Executive Director for the Centre for Ethics and Law, Copenhagen
  • “Democracy in Danger? The perspective from a defence attorney’s and experienced politician’s point of view,” presentation by Bjørn Elmquist, Defence
 lawyer and Chairman of the Danish Legal Policy Association
  • Group discussions

June 19

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Capital – Complementing or Competing with the Welfare State?

  • “Social innovation – a road to sustainable change,” presentation by Mikkel Schröder, Vice President of DANSIC
  • “Social inventions and innovations,” presentation by Andreas Hjorth Frederiksen, Co-founder and Director of Social+
  • “New resources in creative civil society,” presentation by Christian Fumz and Jesper Kofoed-Melson, founders of Givrum.nu
  • “A social economic enterprise as a positive contribution to the challenges to the welfare state,” presentation by Kjeld Søndergaard, Development Director at Huset Venture
  • Group discussions
  • Reception with remarks from Morten Østervang, Director Humanity in Action DK and Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action
  • "Building peaceful societies through the power of football," presentation of Play31's work and mission, by founder and director of Play31 and Senior Fellow, Jakob Silas Lund


June 20

Global Trends in Civil Society and Politics  

  • “Creative activism – new ways to create social innovations and movements," a presentation by Silas Harrebye, Ph.D. fellow in social movements and creative activism
  • “Global campaigns combating crimes against humanity – creating awareness or making things worse?” presentation by Martin Mennecke, Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen
  • "The advancement of Human Rights seen from the perspective of the United Nations, including the role of civil society," presentation by Tyge Lehmann, Former Human Rights Ambassador and Legal Adviser
  • Meeting with Her Excellency, Laurie S Fulton, United States Ambassador to Denmark
  • “Cyber activism for democracy,” presentation by Henrik Føhns, Journalist and host of the radio program, "Harddisken"
  • Group discussions

June 21


  • Discussion with Bosnian fellows regarding personal stories
  • “The construction of ethnic identities,” presentation by Selma Bukovica Gundersen, Ph.D student
  • “Bosnia and Herzegovina as I saw it. Observations from my three years as Danish ambassador in Sarajevo (2006-2009),” presentation by Niels-Jørgen Nehring, Cand.Jur., Former Danish Ambassador in Bosnia Herzegovina and Chairman of BiHDAK
  • “Bosnia and Herzegovina and Denmark after the war,” presentation by Sara Maria Sörensson, Repatriation Consultant at The Danish Refugee Council and Project worker on the project "Tilbage til Bosnien-Hercegovina eller blive i Danmark" (Going back to Bosnia and Herzegovina or staying in Denmark)
  • Group discussions

June 22


June 23 - 26

Researching, Completing and Presenting Action Plans

June 27

Departure to Humanity in Action International Conference in Sarajevo


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