About Action Projects

What is an Action Project?

All Humanity in Action Fellows plan and implement an Action Project—a hands-on initiative inspired by their fellowship experience. Action Projects give Fellows the opportunity to take what they learned during their fellowship programs and use that knowledge to address real-life issues in their own communities. The projects reflect each Fellow’s unique experience and interests. Action Projects may take many different forms, including community service, public advocacy, art projects, lectures, conferences and social entrepreneurship.

Fellows begin planning their Action Projects during their Fellowship programs. Humanity in Action encourages Fellows to reach out and share ideas with one another at the International Conference and through HIA Connect. Once Fellows return home, they continue to develop their plans and then implement their projects in their home communities or beyond. All Fellows must complete their Action Projects within a year of the conclusion of their Fellowship programs. 

Upon completion, all Action Projects are featured and archived on the Humanity in Action website. We aim to use this archive of hundreds of Action Projects as a resource for both future Humanity in Action Fellows and the broader public, so that both audiences can enhance their social action through our collective resources.

How does the Action Project fit into the Humanity in Action Experience?

Humanity in Action believes that Action Projects are just as important as participation in the fellowship program. We think that conceiving, developing and implementing an Action Project gives each Fellow the unique opportunity to move her or his Humanity in Action experience from one of education inquiry to one of civic action. 
We also believe that: 
  • The skills and knowledge our Fellows will gain by carrying out an Action Project will contribute to their growth as an engaged citizen and social innovator;
  • The Action Project is a small, yet meaningful demonstration of our Fellows’ commitment to addressing a minority rights challenge in their own communities; and
  • The experience of collaborating with the Humanity in Action community is the beginning of the fellows’ sustained partnership with Humanity in Action—one in which we hope to support each Fellow so that they may have a greater impact on the broader public.