Media from the October '43 Conference

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  • "The Final Day of My Childhood," Herbert Pundik (enior Correspondent, Politiken; October ‘43-refugee)
  • "The Ambivalence of Holocaust history," a panel discussion with Bo Lidegaard (Editor-in-Chief, Politiken), Cecilie Stokholm Banke (Senior Researcher and Head of Research Unit on the Holocaust and Genocide at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)), Bent Blüdnikov (Historian and author), and moderated by Klaus Rothstein (Author and journalist, Weekendavisen and DR)
  • "European Reactions to Holocaust Persecution," Bob Moore (Professor, University of Sheffield)
  • "Light and Darkness: Status of Research on the Danish Rescue," Sofie Lene Bak (Associate Professor at the Department of History, University of Copenhagen), moderated by Lene Andersen (Writer and publisher)
  • "Different Realities, Different Perceptions: Case of Poland, Bulgaria and France," a panel discussion with Konstanty Gebert (Associate Fellow at European Council on Foreign Relations (Warsaw Office)), Anthony Georgieff (Journalist and Managing Editor, Vagabond), Dr. Annette Wieviorka (Directrice de recherche, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), moderated by Flemming Rose (Editor, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten)
  • "The Best and Duckwitz Enigma: German Occupation, Danish Society & Politics," Dr. Ulrich Herbert (Professor & Director of School of History, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies), Peter Wivel (Berlin Correspondent, Politiken)
  • "The Holocaust in the Nordic Periphery: Norway, Sweden, Finland," a panel discussion with Dr. Karin Kvist Geverts (Department of History, Uppsala University), Irene Levin (Professor Emeritus of Social Work, Oslo University College), Dr. Oula Silvennoinen (Researcher at the Center for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki), moderated by Anders Jerichow
  • "The United States: Facing Nazi Policies of Mass Murder," Professor Richard Breitman (Professor at American University), Samuel Rachlin (Journalist, correspondent and author)
  • "Did Europe Learn?" a panel discussion with Søren Pind (Member of Parliament and member of Humanity in Action Denmark's board), Manfred Nowak (Professor of International Law and Human Rights, Vienna University), moderated by Paula Larrain (Journalist and former TV-host, DR)
  • "Humanity in Action and Civil Society," Dr. Judith S. Goldstein (Founder and Executive Director, Humanity in Action), Anders Jerichow (Senior Correspondent, Politiken; Chairman, Humanity in Action Denmark)


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