Humanity in Action Denmark published two anthologies in conjunction with "Civil Society: Reactions to the Holocaust."

An anthology on civil courage, civil society and the Holocaust

The anthology included personal essays on how civil society reacted to its acquired knowledge on the segregation, deportation and killing of Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe. Contributors include Richard Breitman (USA), Irene Levine (Norway), Ronald Leopold (Holland), Ulrich Herbert (Germany), Kontanty Gebert (Poland), Annette Wieviorka (France), Bob Moore (England), Karin Kvist Geverts (Sweden), Oula Silvennoinen (Finland) and Sofie Lene Bak and Cecilie Stokholm Banke (Denmark). 

The anthology was published in September 2013.


A collection of sources from the persecution of Danish Jews during September and October 1943

The collection of sources included contemporary sources from the persecution of the Danish Jews, illustrating the role of civilians and authorities before, during and after both the rescue of Danish Jews to Sweden and the deportation of others to the concentration camp Theresienstadt. 

The collection of sources was published in September 2013.