Recommended Reading and Viewing

Humanity in Action will periodically post recommended reading and viewing for conference attendees. Please check this page for updates.

Recommended Readings from Conference Speakers

Women, War and Peace - I Came to Testify


Noel Malcolm, Bosnia: A Short Story

Ed Vulliamy, Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia's War (book | review)

Ed Vulliamy, War is Dead, Long Live the War (book | review)

Robert J. Donia, Bosnia-Hercegovina: A Tradition Betrayed

Tone Bringa, Being Muslim the Bosnian Way


Ed Vulliamy, "Exodus into no man's land"

Ed Vulliamy, "Srebrenica: genocide and memory"

"Donia Blames Bosnian War on 'Serbian Separatists'"

Robert J. Donia, "World War II: The Yugoslav Apocalypse"

"Returning Home: Revival of a Bosnian Village" 

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on the need for constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the importance of sustained United States engagement in partnership with the European Union (EU)

US Congress Resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Honouring of obligations and commitments by Bosnia and Herzegovina

Urgent need for constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two Decades After Siege, Sarajevo Still A City Divided


The Death of Yugoslavia

Based on a book by Laura Silber and Allen Little, The Death of Yugoslavia is a BBC documentary first broadcast in 1995. This six-part series provides a concise introduction to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. It depicts both the path to war and the terrible tragedies that befell Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans as a whole.


Part 1: "Enter Nationalism"


Part 2: "The Road to War"


Part 3: "Wars of Independence"


Part 4:"The Gates of Hell"


Part 5: "A Safe Area"


Part 6: "Pax Americana"