HIA Fellowship in Copenhagen: 2011 Agenda

June 2  

Introduction to Humanity in Action

  • Departure to Summer Cottage in Holte
  • Presentation of the HIA Fellowship in Copenhagen and to daily debriefings by Morten Østervang, Director of Humanity in Action Denmark 
  • Dinner and welcoming remarks by Anders Jerichow, Chair of HIA Denmark

June 3

Danish politics after 9/11

  • Workshop with Linda Lapina, HIA Senior Fellow 
  • “Introduction to the Danish political system,” presentation by Clement Kjærsgaard, journalist and TV anchor for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation 
  • “9/11, A paradigm shift?” presentation by Clement Kjærsgaard
  • Group discussion 

June 4

Trans-Atlantic relations in the aftermath of 9/11

  • “Transatlantic relations and human rights after 9/11” presentation by Helle Porsdam, professor at the SAXO-institute for Archeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin, History at Copenhagen University. Phd. in American studies from Yale University
  • How to write an article, by Morten Østervang

June 5

  • Departure from Holte to Copenhagen

June 6

Politics & ideology in Denmark

  • “Social cohesion and ethnic diversity in Denmark – a conflict without a solution?” presentation by Nils Holtoug, director of the Center for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism 
  • “Danish national identity in 2011” – a presentation of the views put forward in the book Republikken Danmark (eng: The Republic of Denmark), by Michael Böss, historian
  • “Politics & Ideology” - panel debate at Christiansborg with three politicians Facilitated by Rasmus Grue Christensen, Senior Fellow (HIA board member and executive director of Danish Youth Red Cross)


    Manu Sareen MP, Radikale Venstre - The Social Liberal Party
    Eyvind Vesselbo MP, Venstre - Danmarks Liberal Party
    Yildiz Akdogan MP, Socialdemokraterne - Social Democratic Party 

June  7

  • Minorities in Denmark
  • “Minorities and integration in Denmark from a human rights perspecitve,” presentation by Claus Juul, lawyer at Amnesty International
  • “In dialogue with Denmark – which demands should the Danish State make on Muslim minorities, and what should Muslim minorities expect in return?” presentation by Fathi El-Abed, chair of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association 
  • “Empowerment and Understanding - the role of culture and the arts in integration processes,” presentation by Hassan Preisler, actor and consultant or DIHR
  • “The White Man - a complicated love affair” 

June 8

Solving the problems - practices of integration and equality in Copenhagen

  • “What is the municipal of Copenhagen’s role in integration processes?” presentation by Neil Stenbæk Bloem, Senior Fellow, philosophy student and Spokesperson for Employment and Integration for SF
  • “On the implementation of principles of equality and equal opportunity,” presentation by Nanna Margrethe Krusaa
  • “Practices of integration – how to successfully launch and operate an integration project,” presentation by Magrethe Wivel, Director at The Women’s Center in Nørrebro.
  • Group Visits to Muhabet, Dannerhuset, Sabaah, Gam3, The Immigrant Womens Centre in Nørrebro

June 9

Human rights and terrorism

  • “Human rights vs. the fight against terrorism,” presentation by Peter Vedel Kessing, Phd., from The Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • “The Global Perspective on Terrorism,” presentation by Lars Erslev Andersen, from the Danish institute for International studies, Head of Research Unit, Middle East
  • ”Democracy in Danger – The Danish reality of to-day,” presentation by Bjørn Elmquist, defense lawyers and Chairman of the Danish Legal Policy Association
  • “The Arab spring - a talk of consequences, challenges and hopes,” presentation by Herbert Pundik and Anders Jerichow, Chairman of HIA Denmark
  • “Humanity in Action's study trip to Israel and Palestine in 2011,” presentation by Anders Jerichow, Chairman of HIA Denmark and Eva Maria Lasse Vice chairwomen of HiA Denmark
  • Reception for the HIA Board, Board of Representatives, Senior Fellow Association and friends

June 10

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Seminar at IBM: Human rights and diversity in the workplace

  • “Welcome and introduction to IBM,” by Kim Østrup, Vice President
  • “Governance, Business Ethics, walk the talk,” presentation by Legal director Hans V. Hansen
  • ”Diversity – what does it mean in the workplace?” presentation by Anne Bornfeld, Director of HR (IBM)
  • “Discrimination in the work place,” presentation by Susanne Nour, Department Director in the Equality and Monitoring Department at the Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • “How to implement diversity management projects in Denmark – obstacles and opportunities,” presentation by Torben Møller-Hansen, director, Foreningen Nydansker (The Association ”New Dane”), specializing in integration and the labour market
  • Panel debate: Discussion and questions for speakers

June 11

Day off

  • Social activity: Voluntary sightseeing and canal tour with HiA Senior Fellows 

June 12 

Day off 

  • Social activity: Voluntary trip to Bakken/Lousiana with HiA Senoir Fellows 

June 13

Visit to the Museum of the Danish Resistance 

June 14

Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech and Hate Crimes

  • “Freedom of speech in Denmark,” a presentation of the range of views concerning freedom of speech, racism and minority protection, by Henning Koch, Professor of Constitutional Law at Copenhagen University
  • “Valuable self-restraint or repressive self-censorship? Transatlantic understandings of the right to freedom of speech,” presentation by Mette Claushøj, journalist
  • “Hate crimes in Denmark,” presentation by Lisbeth Garly, anthropologist from The Danish Institute for Human Rights, and in charge of a recent report on Hate Crimes in Denmark.
  • “On freedom of speech and the criminalization of hate speech – should hate speech be illegal?” panel debate by Jacob Mchangama, Senior Lawyer at the liberal think tank CEPOS and Kristian Madsen from Politiken

June 15

Prisoner’s Rights/Torture after 9/11

  • Excursion to Jyderup State Prison – tour of the prison 
  • “The Danish Prison System and the rights of the imprisoned,” Presentation by Peter Scharff Smith, Senior researcher at DIHR
  • ”Torture in a global perspective after 9/11,” presentation by Dorrit Akselbo, Legal Advisor from Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT), International Department

June 16

Refugees and asylum

  • “The law on refugees and asylum,” presentation by Eva Smith, Professor of Law
  • “Running for your life,” presentation by Erik Hansen from Grandparents for Asylum, talking about his personal experiences during WWII and relationships with refugee children in Denmark today
  • Visit to The Danish Red Cross Refugee Centre Sandholm, Guided tour by Thorbjørn Bosse Olander, The Danish Red Cross Asylum Department
  • Dinner with Cihan Tekeli, Senior Fellow and informal talk about the Anne Frank Foundation

June 17 

Danish Foreign Policy after 9/11

  • “9/11 - a paradigm shift in Danish foreign policy?" presentation by Bo Lidegaard 
  • “The two-fold struggle for democracy and against terrorism”, presentation by former Foreign Minister, Mogens Lykketoft
  • “Defence and Security in the 21st Century,” presentation by Annika Bergman-Rosamond
  • A talk by the American Ambassador, by Her Excellency Laruie S. Fulton
  • Social activity: Voluntary Danish Night – smørrebrød and bodega-crawl at 18:30 with Senior Fellows

June 18

Informal talk on International Terrorism and Denmark’s Human Rights obligations

  • “The fight / war against international terrorism, the UN approach" presentation by Tyge Lehmann, Former Human Rights Ambassador and Legal Adviser
  • “The UN examination of human rights in Denmark,” presentation by Julia Winding, Senior fellow and head of section in the Human Rights office in Danish Foreign Ministry

June 22

Historical Historical dimensions to understanding human rights: the legacy from WWII

  • “The Anatomy of Hate,” presentation by Thomas Brudholm, from the Institute for Intercultural and Regional Studies, Copenhagen University
  • “The importance of understanding history; the role of Holocaust education and remembrance in Denmark,”presentation by Solvej Berlau, HIA Senior Fellow and Head of section, research unit on Holocaust and Genocide/DIIS
  • “How history forms our view on Islam and Muslims,” presentation by Birgitte S. Johansen, Copenhagen University
  • Visit to The Danish Jewish Museum, Introduction by Bjarke Følner, Curator of the Danish Jewish Museum
  • “Memorials - The experiences of Danish Jews during World War II in post-war memorial culture,”presentation by Bjarke Følner, Curator of the Danish Jewish Museum

June 23

Public conference on EU policy, refugees and asylum   

  • “Welcome” by Clemment Kjærsgaard
  • “The breakdown of the Greek Asylum system - Lessons learned by the Human Rights Watch,” by Benjamin Ward, Deputy Director, Europe and Asia Division for Human Rights Watch
  • “The future of common EU refugee and asylum policies in the wake of the Greek asylum system break down, the influx of North African refugees on Lampedusa and the recent Schengen disturbances” by Thomas Gammeltoft-hansen,PhD International Law; MSc, Refugee Studies; MA, Honours Political Science and project researcher at the Danish Institute of International Studies
  • “Lampedusa: A European Fundamental Rights Exception?” by Jonas Christoffersen, Dr. jur. Director of the Danish Institute of Human Rights
  • “The Recent Wave of Refugees from North Africa to Europe - A legitimate security threat or political opportunism?” Daniel Korski, Senior Policy Fellow of The European Council on Foreign Relations and Senior, former adviser to the US State Department and now Senior Advisor to the British Government
  • Panel debate moderated by Clement Kjærsgaard
  • Social activity: Sankt Hans Night with the senior fellows- barbecue night at Amager Strandpark

June 24 - 28

Project Work 

June 29

Project Presentation & Evaluation of Program


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