HIA Fellowship in Amsterdam: 2011 Agenda

June 3

  • Introduction to the program by Netherlands director Maarten van der Meer
  • Introducing yourself by showing an object taken from home which symbolizes your passion for human rights
  • Opening lecture "WWII, 66 years later" by Ed van Thijn, former chair and co-founder HIA NL
  • Tour of the Jewish District by guides from the Jewish Historical Museum
  • "Why HIA’s focus on the Holocaust" by HIA board director Puck Huitsing
  • "Holocaust-survivors and Dutch anti-semitism" by HIA board member Dienke Hondius
  • Tour of Amsterdam with Senior Fellows
  • "Should Bin Laden have been brought to trial?" Informal BBQ Discussion hosted by the Senior Fellows Network, with senior fellows Thomas Berghuijs and Koen Vriend as guest speakers

June 5

IMC Weekendschool Homework Project

  • Introduction by project coordinator Thijs Mulder
  • A game of "Who’s the Man" with the students
  • Watch short documentary on the IMC Weekendschool
  • Talk by Sanne Hettema, Senior Fellow

June 6 

Relevance of the Holocaust: Part 2

  • Special tour through the Anne Frank House, with Cihan Tekeli, Senior Fellow who works for the Anne Frank Foundation
  • "Holocaust Education and Human Rights Education: connecting the dots" by Barry van Driel
  • "The teaching of compassion, a lifelong practice" by Awraham Soetendorp 
  • "‘Survivors tell their story: listening to lifestories, discovering layers of meaning," workshop by Denise Citroen
  • "Recent research on Hitler’s bounty hunters: how to keep the public actively interested in WWII" by Ad van Liempt

June 7

Immigration & Integration in The Netherlands: Part 1

  • "Introduction to Immigration and Integration in The Netherlands" by prof. Jean Tillie 
  • "Murder in Amsterdam: the Dutch capital after the murder on Theo van Gogh," book discussion led by Marcel Wiegman
  • Personal story of a refugee" by senior fellow Tewelde Batha
  • Seminar: Kustaw Bessems
  • "Does the Dutch asylum policy system exclude asylum seekers from a worthy existence?" by Jelle Klaas

June 8

Immigration & Integration in The Netherlands: Part 2

  • "Myths about immigration and polarization" by prof. Leo Lucassen
  • "Radicalization and anti-immigrant parties in European Politics" by prof. Marcel Lubbers
  • "The headscarf as a political issue," lunch discussion with Khadija Azahaf and Semra Celebi 
  • "Gay asylum seekers in The Netherlands and the Immigration Service's 'Culture of Rejection,'" by Louis Middelkoop
  • Travel to Stadsdeel Oost 
  • Fatima Elatik, District Mayor of Amsterdam Zeeburg, on how she sees the multicultural society developing in Amsterdam

June 9

Racism and Discrimination 

  • Workshop on media & imaging by Tessa Boerman and discussion on mechanisms of exclusion based on class, gender, sexuality or ethnicity
  • "Black voices and vision in the path to slavery memory in the Dutch orbit" by dr. Stephen Small
  • "Roma Sinti in The Netherlands," Maarten van der Meer interviews Felicita Vos

June 10

Diversity, Inclusion and Discrimination in the Workplace

  • Workshop "BIAS"
  • Talk by Karima Belhaj
  • Lunch with ING young professionals
  • "Hidden discrimination in the workplace" by Lida van der Broek
  • Reception at the US Consulate, hosted by Consul General Julie A. Ruterbories. 
  • Discussion with pecial guest Russell Shorto on differences and similarities between the Dutch and US multicultural societies

June 12

  • Meet Frieda Menco, survivor of Auschwitz

June 13

Human Rights, Justice and The Law: the Bosnian Case

  • Documentary "We are all neighbours" by Tone Bringa
  • "The international prosecution of international crimes: success or failure?" by Frederiek de Vlaming 
  • Fellows Hana Pasic and Bajro Muric share their views on Bosnia’s past, present and future
  • "The relevance of the international justice system" by Britta Böhler
  • "Speed dating" to choose research topics

June 14

Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods, Segragation and Education

  • Arrival at Calvijn met Junior College
  • Welcome by director Jolanda Hogewind
  • "Invisible parents" by Margalith Kleijwegt 
  • Helping students with their English classes (in small groups)
  • Lunch with Pieter Hilhorst, who will talk about his project on segregated schools in Amsterdam
  • Tour of Slotervaart neighbourhood with senior fellow Cihan Tekeli and Saïd Bensallam
  • Groups begin brainstorming on their research topic

June 15

Site visit to Camp Westerbork

  • Welcome and introduction by Dirk Mulder, director Memorial Center Camp Westerbork
  • Eyewitnesses lecture
  • Visit of the museum site

June 16

Prostitution, Women’s rights, Report writing

  • Visit to Het Scharlaken Koord
  • "A woman’s right to choose" by Kinga Jelinska 
  • Seminar on report writing with Thijs Niemantsverdriet

June 17

Prostitution, LGBT Rights

  • Seminar and tour: "The Red Light District" by project manager of van Traa -team
  • "Standing up for LGBT rights in Amsterdam" by DennisBoutkan and Tania Barkhuis
  • "LGBT rights and the city of Amsterdam" by Alderman André van Es and senior fellow Semra Celebi 

June 18

  • Travel to Bloemendaal by train
  • Site Visit to WWII cemetery Bloemendaal
  • Discussion with Mayor Ruud Nederveen

June 20 - 21

Report Writing

June 22

Excursion to The Hague

  • Travel to Den Haag
  • Visit to the ICTY in The Hague: trial visit and discussion with senior fellow Koen Vriend who worked for the defence of the Karadzic case
  • Meet a Dutch MP – visit to the Parliament (Tweede Kamer)
  • Special program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Seminar with Jean Pierre Kempeneers, Peter Potman and senior fellow Jochem de Groot

June 23

Advocacy & Power – Lobbying for Human Rights

  • Visit to Amnesty International, talk by Kirsten Meijer on grassroot campaigning for human rights
  • Visit to Human Rights Watch Amsterdam with Boris Dittrich & Anna Timmerman on the power of human rights advocacy
  • Report writing

June 24 - 26

Report Writing


June 27

Digital Privacy Rights

  • "Hypocrisy in action: the facts and politics of website blocking," by Ot van Daalen

June 29

Presentation of Reports at NIOD Lodewijk Asscher

  • Fellows present their reports
  • Discussion with Alderman Lodewijk Asscher on the regulation of prostitution in Amsterdam
  • Presentation of reports
  • Dinner and farewell party


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