Meet the Activists

On this page, you can learn more about the youth activists who participated in the Youth for Democracy conference.  By clicking on their names, you will be directed to interveiws about them and the cause they are struggling for.

Mai Ali, is a Sudanese human rights defender, activist, and nonviolence trainer, affiliated with several NGOs and nonviolent social movements in Sudan. She remains deeply committed for change and the people in Sudan. After facing human rights violations in Khartoum in 2010, Mai Ali currently works in Germany with the NGO "act for transformation."

Yahia Ramadan, is from Cairo, Egypt where he studied his B.Sc. degree in Applied Arts. He has worked to promote democracy, human rights, and women running for elections. Yahia is the founder and official spokesman of the Nubian Democratic Youth Union, which is an independent youth organisation defending the rights of the Nubian people and minority groups in Egypt.

Judith Chiyangwa, is a human rights activist involved in projects that aims to promote democracy, freedom for oppressed groups, and leadership for young people in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, women’s rights are very central in Judith’s work and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Gender Development from the Women’s University of Africa.

Rima Marrouch, currently lives in exile in Lebanon but grew up in Syria and is part polish. She has a MA in journalism and Near Easter Studies from New York University. As a journalist and researcher, Rima has worked to protect journalists in the Arab World and currently works for The Committee to Protect Journalists, the Middle East and North Africa Program. Additionally, she is a researcher at the Gulf Centre for Human Rights.

Rodrigo Diamanti, is the President of "Un Mundo Sin Mordaza - A World Without Censorship," a network that promotes freedom of speech mostly at the American Continent. He is also founding of Futuro Presente Foundation and director of Liderazgo y Visión, both NGOs that have set up national programs for Youth Leadership in Venezuela.In 2007, Rodrigo obtained a Bachelor in Economics from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas, Venezuela). In 2009, he graduated with a Masters in Political Studies from the FIIAPP-Complutense University (Madrid, Spain). Rodrigo is a founding member of the Venezuela Student Movement of 2007 and his action is focused on creating a conscience of leadership in Venezuela.

Mikita Krasnou, is an active advocator for freedom and social change in Belarus. He has been involved both in social organizations and in the governmental system; recently, he worked as a coordinator for “Revolution through Social Networks”. He is currently finishing a degree in European Studies, having already completed a degree in political science.

Kudakwashe Chakabva, holds a national diploma in Library and Information Science and is currently finishing a bachelor degree in Media Studies; also, he is studying youth leadership. Kudakwashe is press secretary in ZINASU (Zimbabwe National Student Union) and has been involved very actively in the organization for the past few years.

"E2" is a former university student who has been involved with the Generation Wave since 2007. She is a Central Executive Committee member of the organization.

Sebit Ernest, holds a bachelor of Veterinary Science. He is currently employed as South Sudan Coordinator at the Institute for Development of Civil Society. He is also a member of a number of human rights and youth organizations, including the Youth Group for Human Rights and the Sudanese Association for Youth Development.

Srdja Popović, is an experienced party & nonviolent movement leader with excellent skills in leadership, propaganda, motivation and knowledge transfer. As a student leader, founder of OTPOR! («Resistance!») movement that finished with Milosevic era, and a proactive member of Democratic Party of Zoran Djindjic, his expertize unites both partisan and NGO sector skills and knowledge.

Slobodan Đinović, is the CEO of the telecommunications company Orion Telekom. He was also one of the leading members of the Otpor! Movement and has worked closely together with Popović.