2013 Grant Winners

The following Humanity in Action Senior Fellows received funding in 2013 through the Senior Fellow Grants Competition. See below for more information on their projects.

Allison Morris Niebauer: Community Health Navigator Program

This program seeks to improve health care access for newly arrived refugees in DuPage County through the use of Community Health Navigators. It will train refugees resettled in Dupage County to help newly arrived refugees navigate the health care system.

Cihan Tekeli, Free2choose-create Nordic

This international project will bring together 20 youth leaders from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The aim is to create multi-media tools that can be used to promote discussions on fundamental freedom rights and to foster active citizenship.

Henry Alt-Haaker: Humanity in Action Manual for Human Rights

This project will use Humanity in Action’s Senior Fellows Network to provide an online resource for human rights activists in countries with continuous human rights infringements.

Inga Kotlo, Holocaust Identification Cards

Holocaust ID Cards are passport-like documents which aim to emphasize the importance of remembrance by snatching from oblivion the stories of five Holocaust victims from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Laura Boerhout, Memory Walk Sarajevo

This program explored war memorials with youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The innovative, educational, five-day film workshop “Memory Walk” brought together Bosnian young people in August 2013 to encourage them to critically reflect and explore in an engaging and creative way monuments in their direct surroundings.

Nick Micinski: Most Mira Youth Festival – Senior Fellows Study Trip

This joint project between Humanity in Action and Most Mira will bring senior fellows to the annual festival in north Bosnia to reflect on the role of art and young people in postconflict reconciliation in addition to leading workshops and publishing a joint report.

Rémi Korman: Remembering the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda

This project will aim at preparing in Lyon (France) the organization of the 20th commemoration of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. A traveling photo exhibition and seminars will be organized to raise awareness on the history of this genocide.

Ryan Richards: Serve Smart

Serve Smart is an online course targeted at university service learning programs that prepares volunteers to collaborate effectively across cultures.

Tamara Demydenko: Visualize Your Action

"Visualize Your Action" will become a short video channel to share knowledge in building democratic society and visually establish key Humanity in Action values in connecting, educating and inspiring Ukrainian and international network of young leaders.