2017 Call for Project Proposals

"The Urgency of Now"

Call for Project Proposals

We are no longer accepting project proposals.

In light of the recent political, social and economic developments and events in the United States and Europe – an increasingly powerful discourse driven by xenophobia, nationalism and extremist views – Humanity in Action invited grant proposals from Senior Fellows for projects that do one or more of the following:

  • Engage with individuals and communities that are not committed to -- or indifferent to -- the political processes that are the basis for a strong democracy;
  • Interact with individuals and communities that are drawn to nationalist and xenophobic policies and views;
  • Bridge political, cultural and societal divisions in pluralistic societies; and
  • Advance Humanity in Action's mission within the public sphere, i.e. politics, economics, culture, social justice and communication.

Special Focus: Social Media Campaigns

Humanity in Action specifically encouraged project proposals that address the above mentioned issues in the increasingly powerful world of social media as it effects individuals and societies. In the recent article “War Goes Viral: How Social Media Is Being Weaponized” from The Atlantic, Emerson T. Brooking and Peter Warren Singer stated:

“For all the hope that comes from connecting with new people and new ideas, researchers have found that online behavior is dominated by “homophily”: a tendency to listen to and associate with people like yourself, and to exclude outsiders. Social networks are bad at helping you empathize with people unlike you, but good at surrounding you with those who share your outlook. The new information ecosystem does not challenge biases; it reinforces them..."

Our focus in this competition on social media was to develop strategies and projects that enable constructive comunications among parts of society that have stopped engaging with one another or have resorted to ignoring those who are not within their comfort zone or political orientation. Against the background of “homophily” and the intensifying divide in many of our societies, we encouraged Senior Fellows to think imaginatively and innovatively to develop communication labs. We called for critical work to be done to develop resources that bridge divided societies.

We strongly encouraged collaborative applications from Senior Fellows.


Humanity in Action gave out grants up to 5,000 USD per project. In exceptional cases, the organization reserved the right to award a larger sum. Applicants were strongly encouraged to aim at a budget of no more than 5,000 USD but might indicate in what ways their project could be expanded.


New: Awards

Beyond giving grants for Senior Fellows projects, Humanity in Action will select up to three of the most impactful projects and will recognize their achievements with additional awards between 500 USD and 3,000 USD.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at grants[at]humanityinaction.org.

Our Supporters

This grant competition was made possible by generous funding from the Germeshausen Foundation and a private donor close to the organization.