2012 Grant Winners

The following Humanity in Action Senior Fellows received funding in 2012 through the Senior Fellow Grants Competition. See below for more information on their projects.

Christina Antonakos-Wallace: with WINGS and ROOTS

“with WINGS and ROOTS” is a documentary and educational project that uses the power of media to increase the voice of children of immigrants, reframe the immigration debates and foster more inclusive identities.

Chad Doobay and Aida Salcic: Toward Durable Solutions for the Internally Displaced in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This project aims to take a closer look at the specific challenges facing the internally displaced and to identify how policy makers can effectively bring about durable solutions for the population’s most vulnerable.

Pavlina Doublekova and Maria Spirova: Diversity On The Other Side Of The Wall: Muslims In Sofia

This project is a seven-day workshop for eight to 10 preselected Senior Fellows to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Zachariah Falconer-Stout, Marta Kozlowska and Marta Tsvengrosh: Simulation Games for Teaching Human Rights and Active Citizenship in Post-Soviet Moldova

This project aims to develop and run Moldova-tailored simulation games that will compel its participants to address all the contentious historical points typical to nascent democracies transitioning from authoritarian rule.

Nathan Furukawa and Umar Ikram: Galvanizing Political Engagement among Muslims in the Netherlands by Drawing Inspiration from American Examples of Success

In an atmosphere of rising discrimination against Muslims in the Netherlands, this project seeks to to counter disparaging rhetoric with voices from the Muslim community that assert their dignity and value to Dutch society.

Subhash Ghimire and Joshua Cruz Diaz: Teaching Nepali Students the Horrors of Extremism

The goal of this project is to make Nepalese school and college students aware of the consequences of compromising democracy to a fascist leader, as the Nepalese School curricula do not discuss such issues despite a positive portrayal of Hitler in Nepalese popular culture.

Mark Goldberg: The Development and Aid Workers News Service

The Development and Aid Workers News Service is a social enterprise that supports humanitarian journalism and storytelling through sales of a subscription-based news clipping email called DAWNS Digest.

Joseph Kaifala and Liat Krawczyk: Children In Combat: The Memories of Former Child Soldiers In Sierra Leone

This project will produce an oral history project dedicated to recording testimonies of former child soldiers in Sierra Leone to ensure that the history of the civil war is preserved in order to help prevent a repetition of such atrocities.

Joseph Kolker and Stephanie Chang: Tanforan: From Internment Center to Shopping Mall

This documentary film is about a shopping mall in California called Tanforan, which served as a temporary internment camp for Japanese-Americans from the Bay Area during their forced relocation in WWII, part of a larger project of internment fueled by racism and indifference at the popular and policy-making levels.