Getting to Strasbourg

Photo by Louise Weiss.

Planning Your Trip

To attend the full conference, we recommend that you plan to arrive in Strasbourg by early afternoon of Thursday, July 5 and depart in the morning on Sunday, July 8. The conference will begin at 5:00 PM CET on Thursday, July 5 and will conclude on the evening of Saturday, July 7. 

Travel Arrangements

You can get to Strasbourg via the Strasbourg/Entzheim Airport, near the village of Entzheim. The Airport is located approximately 10 km from the city center. From the airport, you may get to the city center by train, bus or taxi. Click here to plan your trip. 

Travel by Air

Strasbourg/Entzheim Airport is served by major carriers, including Air France, Iberia, Czech Airlines, KLM and Ryanair. Direct flights link Strasbourg to cities elsewhere in Europe, including Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid and Prague, and domestic destinations including Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille and Lyon.

Via TRAIN, a shuttle train connects Strasbourg Airport to Strasbourg Station. Shuttles leave 4 times an hour, and the trip takes up to 15 minutes. Tickets are available at both at the main station and the airport. To venture further into the city centre, take any of the city's 6 tram lines.

Via TAXI, a ride from Strasbourg airport to the city center costs around €25. Taxis are available in front of the main airport building until 11 pm. 

Travel by Rail

High-speed (TVG) trains into Strasbourg Station are connected to Paris and other major towns in France and neighboring countries. Train schedules are available on the SNCF website. ICE and regional train connections from Germany are also available via the Deutsche Bahn. We recommend you book your ticket well in advance to guarnatee competitive price. The railway station is located west of the town center, near the main tram station and other public transport connections.

The station serves lines A, C and D of the Strasbourg tramway.