History of the Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship

The program was originally organized in partnernship by Humanity in Action and the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice in 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Katrina Swett. The program was named in honor of both the late Tom Lantos – a former Congressman, Holocaust survivor and human rights champion – and his wife Annette. 

The program resulted from a plan developed with the former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Richard Swett, to strengthen ties among emerging European and American human rights leaders and to provide European university students with an inside perspective on the workings of Congress, American government, political parties, minority issues, economic and social developments and human rights issues.

Since the fellowship's founding, more than 120 outstanding young leaders had been privileged to participate as Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellows. Alumni of this program are now serving in leadership roles in European foreign ministries, prominent NGOs and civil services. Former Lantos Fellows have also begun their own political careers, with Fellows recently winning election to city councils in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, as well as in the European Parliament.

Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship

With the expansion of Senior Fellow oriented programming in 2017, the Congressional Fellowship was redesigned as part of the Professional Fellowships series for Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. This opportunity will allow participating Fellows to explore a variety of topics concerning contemporary policies and politics from leading policy experts in Washington, DC, as well as to engage with Humanity in Action's established network of Senior Fellow professionals in DC.