Humanity in Action Fellowship in Copenhagen

Program Description

Towards an inclusive society   

History, Culture, Politics 

From 2017 to 2019, the Humanity in Action Copenhagen Fellowship will explore how to bridge historical, cultural and political divides in pursuit of an inclusive society. 

Since its founding, Humanity in Action Denmark has worked on a variety of themes focused on human rights, minority issues and democracy. In 1997, the focus of the program was the conscious responsibility, humanity, and civil courage that led so many Danes to help Danish Jews flee to Sweden in 1943.

Humanity in Action Denmark wants to return to and empower conscious responsibility and humanity by establishing a new theme for the Copenhagen Fellowship: “Towards an inclusive society.” In 2017, this theme was explored from a historical perspective. In 2018, it will be explored from a political perspective. Creating and maintaining an inclusive society is both a complex and demanding process in which historical, cultural and political conditions play a pivotal role. The goal of this three-year endeavor is to study these conditions and explore methods to bridge societal divides.

The feeling of crisis and fear in Europe has increased social and political polarization which, together with economic inequality, has contributed to undermining citizens' faith and trust. Consequently, public confidence that politicians and public national and supranational institutions can solve national and international challenges is steadily declining. Moreover, cultural differences - real and/or imagined – are prominent between majorities and ethnic and religious minorities. These differences challenge the very notion of how inclusion can take place. In all of this, history plays a significant role and must be understood to navigate contemporary society and securing a common future.

Recent international and national developments will be critically reflected in the Humanity in Action Copenhagen Fellowship. The Copenhagen Fellowship will discuss the divides that occur in our otherwise interconnected societies. The pursuit of conscious responsibility and humanity twenty years ago has never been more pressing and is exactly why the Copenhagen Fellowship again will embark on this exploration.

Get a feel for the Fellowship with the video below:  

Humanity in Action Copenhagen Fellowship from Humanity in Action Denmark on Vimeo.

Please note that this is the 2017 agenda.

2017 Agenda

May 26

Global Platform, Flledvej 12, building C, floor 4, 2200 Copenhagen N.

  • Welcome reception with Fellows, Senior Fellows and Humanity in Action board members.

May 27

Borups Højskole, Frederiksholms Kanal 24, 1220 Copenhagen C

  • Brunch and getting to know each other
  • Presentation of Humanity in Action
  • Presentation of the 2017 Copenhagen Fellowship program 
  • Travel to Hellerup
  • Garden party with Fellows and host families 

May 28

Borups Højskole, Frederiksholms Kanal 24, 1220 Copenhagen C

  • A treasure hunt around Copenhagen
  • Practical information about Johan Borups Højskole 
  • Expectations for the Fellowship 
  • Discussing and deciding on group values 

May 29

Holocaust and European Identity 

  • A lecture by Cecilie Stokholm Banke, Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies

John Borups Højskole

  • A lecture by Bjørn Bredal, Journalist and Principal at Johan Borups Højskole

Discussing social issues: Methodologies and approaches

  • A presentation by Katja Lund Thomsen and Mikkel Otto Hansen, interns of Humanity in Action Denmark

October '43: A case of civil action

  • A lecture by Emilie Bang-Jensen, National Director of Humanity in Action Denmark

May 30

Welcome and Introduction to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Human Rights (RWI)

  • A talk by Morten Kjaerum, Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights, Lund

Inclusive societies with focus on human rights cities

  • A lecture by Gabriella Fredriksson, Team leader of Inclusive Societies at RWI

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute Library 

  • With Karl Adam Tiderman, Librarian at RWI

Economic globalisation and human rights

  • A presentation by Radu Mares, Associate Professor and Team Leader of Economic Globalisation and Human Rights at RWI 

Refugees and climate change

  • A presentation by Matthew Scott, Doctoral Student at Lund University

May 31

Protecting civilians worldwide

  • A lecture by Troels Gausiå Engell, PhD at Centre for Military Studies

A refugee experience

  • A conversation with Ole Phillipson, Former Ambassador and Charg D'affaires at the Danish Embassy in Santiago, and Medhanie Alem Cassa, Integration Consultant

June 1

The making of international human rights after 1945: An alternative history

  • Lecture by Steven Jensen, Researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights

The persuasive campaigns strategies of the European far-right

  • A lecture and group discussion by Anne Katrine Ebbesen, 2013 Copenhagen Fellow and 2014 Lantos Fellow

Betzavta workshop

  • With Tali Padan, Director of Mellem Education

Breaching the divide through human rights: Israel and Palestine

  • A talk with Raji Sourani Director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director of Beit T'Tselem

June 2

Senior Fellow Inspiration: Community organizing

  • With Gwen Gruner-Widding, 2015 John Lewis Fellow

Action Project Step 1: Connecting the Dots

  • Workshop with Madeeha Mehmood, 2016 John Lewis Fellow and co-founder of Analog

Group Discussion

  • With Think Rights, Danish Forum for Human Rights

June 3

Day off 

June 4

Day off,

June 5

Dialogue Workshop

  • With DIALOGIK, a volunteer-based dialogue association, led by Jens Kjægaard, Mia Pedersen and Nina Bengtsson

Ledgers from a Lost Kingdom 

  • A tour of exhibition space meter with La Vaughn Belle, Visual artist

June 6

The formation of the Danish welfare state

  • A lecture by Bo Lidegaard, Historian and journalist at Politiken

Social cohesion and minority narratives

  • A lecture and group discussion by Magnus Harrison, former National Director of Humanity in Action Denmark

Awareness on gender in your friendships and communities

  • A workshop by DareGender, led by Piv Freiesleben and Nicolai Zoffmann

Representations of ethnic minorities in Danish news media

  • A lecture by Hetav Rojan from Responsible Press

June 7 

Being a minority in Denmark

  • With Salaam Shalom Copenhagen

Challenges and possibilities for present and future Greece

  • A talk by Maria Arcel, Correspondent in Greece for Berlingske News

Betzavta Workshop

  • With Tali Padan, Director of Mellem Education

June 8

Action Project Step 2: Defining what, where, how

  • Workshop with Madeeha Mehmood, 2015 John Lewis Fellow

Practicing integration and direct democracy

  • A tour of the Trampoline House by Morten Goll, Director of Trampoline House, and a tour of Gallery CAMP with Jana Aresin, MA student in Advanced Migration Studies

June 9 

Transgender rights in Denmark

  • A presentation by 2011 Copenhagen Fellow Alice Minor and activist Laura Mølgaard Tams

Sexworkers' rights: safety, dignity and health

  • A lecture by Michael Lodberg, Social entrepreneur 

The hidden corners of Copenhagen

  • A city tour with Christina, guide for Street Voices

Rounding up the week

  • Absalon Church on Vesterbro

June 10

Swimming and having a summery time at the house of Humanity in Action Denmark Chair, Anders Jerichow

June 11

Day off! 

June 12

Denmark as European colonial power

  • A lecture by Lars Jensen, Associate Professor at Roskilde University

An introduction to postcolonial theory

  • A lecture by Ulla Rahbek, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Talk with Judith Goldstein

  • Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action

Imperial Copenhagen

  • A city tour with Basta, a Copenhagen-based community

June 13

A history of Denmark and Greenland

  • A lecture by Cecilie Tang MøldrupArtic Librarian at the University of Copenhagen

Human rights in Greenland

  • A lecture by Mandana Zarrehparvar, Chief Adviser at the Danish Institute for Human Rights

Decolonization, migration, perceptions and identity

  • A presentation at the Greenlandic house by Søren Thalund, culture and information staff, and Ortu Mørch Olsen, MA student in Eskimology and Arctic Studies

The Greenland Dilemma: Indigenous or Independent

  • Keynote by Martin Breum, Journalist and lecturer

June 14

Senior Fellow Inspiration: Building a social startup

  • With Kim Lindgaard Jørgensen, 2015 Copenhagen Fellow, 2016 Lantos Fellow, and Head of Business Development at CanopyLab 

Action Project Step 3: Moving forwards

  • A workshop with Madeeha Mehmood, 2016 John Lewis Fellow

Integrating with the Other

  • A presentation by Jacob Holdt, photographer, writer and lecturer 

June 15

African Homeless, State Racism and Police Violence 

  • Listening to the Bridge Radio

Denmark and the U.S. Virgin Islands

  • A talk by Shelley Moorhead, Special Advisor to the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands

June 16

Resistance through magazines

  • A conversation with Mai Takawira and Sophia Wathne from the magazine Marronage, and Nazila Kivi and Iben Nilsson from the magazine Friktion

Open space

June 17-18

Weekend off!

June 19

Climate change and political change 

  • A presentation by Alexander Ege, Program Manager at KR Foundation and 2006 Humanity in Action New York Fellow

Open space

  • For further reflection, work, discussion and evaluation

June 20

Future challenges for global equality

  • A lecture by Tim Whyte, Country Director of ActionAid Denmark

Open space

  • For further reflection, work, discussion and evaluation

June 21

Day off!

June 22

Travel to the annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Berlin

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