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Walid Ahmed Khan Malik


Born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Walid Malik is a student activist at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main and the Technical University Darmstadt, where he studied Law and Political Science as an undergraduate student. Currently, he is finishing his Master’s degree in International Studies and Peace and Conflict Research. Walid plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Postcolonial Studies. He also spent a semester abroad at the University of Toronto in Canada. His major academic interests are resistance practices against police and migration regimes. Walid initiated the anti-discriminatory council of the Friedrich-Ebert- Foundation’s scholars and the Institute of Postcolonial Studies Frankfurt. There, he connects with other activists from all over the world and creates spaces for inclusive exchange. He has also initiated anti-racist campaigns on social media and organized lecture series on postcoloniality and racism. Walid is highly active in community empowerment projects and the Queer Islamic movement.

Updated July 2018