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Tomasz Cebulski



Tomasz Cebulski was born in Kraków, Poland, but grew up in Oświęcim, Auschwitz. As a teenager, he was involved with the local International Youth Meeting Center, where he promoted intercultural dialogue. He eventually became an educator for the same institution and coordinated a Polish, German, and South African project on societies in transition and recuperation from historical trauma. In 2005, Tomasz graduated with a master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies from Jagiellonian University, Kraków. He obtained his second master’s degree in 2007 from the Department of Middle and Far East Studies at the same university. In 2014, Tomasz completed his doctorate at its Department of Political Studies, with a dissertation on “Political and International Aspects of the Functioning of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in the years 1980-2010.” In 2000, he founded a research and historical interpretation center, POLIN TRAVEL, which can be found on It provides private guides and genealogy research services for holistic visitor experiences in Central Europe. Tomasz holds multiple state guiding certificates from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Kraków, and Galicia. He is an experienced genealogist and licensed tour leader in Poland and Central Europe.

Learning from the local history, teaching for the global future– local history and heritage sites can be used for teaching and developing passion for history. This can provide a framework for promoting values of dialogue, tolerance and diversity, thus helping to build a global future.”

Learn more about Tmoasz’s Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated February 2021

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