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Tara Dickman


Tara Dickman worked for Humanity in Action France from 2007 to 2012. She joined Humanity in Action after receiving an MA in Comparative Politics from New York University (NYU), where she focused on the impact of the monopoly of cultural approaches to minority rights in international law on the understanding of the 2005 riots in the French suburbs. Tara grew up between Paris and its suburbs, where she has been and remains involved in social, artistic, and civil rights issues. Prior to attending NYU, she had received a BA in Information and Communication followed by a graduate program at the Institute for European Studies of Paris 8 University before doing comparative research on race and urban politics at Brown University. From 2010 to 2016, she organized a nationwide campaign against racial profiling in France involving several Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. The campaign resulted in France being found guilty of racial discrimination and several bills presented in the French Parliament on collecting data on stop and search practices. Today, with her non-profit organization Le Next Level, Tara is a strategist and a community organizer for projects fostering equal rights and opportunities and social cohesion. She is also a certified civil servant trainer on inclusive management, discrimination, and the implications of secularism in the workplace. Tara is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Paris Fellowship 2007).

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