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Sylwia Vargas

Sylwia is a social activist and feminist social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the initiative (and now foundation) MamyGlos, which promotes women’s rights, cultures and histories, with which she continues to implement new projects – from self-defense and body-positivity courses to organizing a psychological consultation network.S

While being a student of English philology and intercultural communication, Sylwia has published several articles on national identity, focusing primarily on the example of Israel and Palestine, where she spent a total of two years on scholarships or volunteering. Having graduated from the 2014 Humanity in Action Poland Academy in Warsaw, Sylwia has volunteered in refugee camps, created an interactive book on the history and culture of Jews, produced a short documentary on migration, designed several educational games and developed an innovative solution for a coding and learning support system for unemployed youths.

For Humanity in Action Poland, Sylwia ran the Academy of Human Rights and Civic Activity (2017), co-creates the curriculum and co-runs the School of Action, a social entrepreneurship program for human rights activists that combines solutions from various fields (ie. chatbots, interactive books) to promote human rights and counteract hate speech.

Sylwia’s activities have been recognized by the following distinctions: Schwarzkopf Stiftung scholar (2015), Ashoka Changemaker (2016), the DO School Fellow (2017), Laureate Global Fellow (2017), Learn IT scholar (2017), Google Developer Challenge Scholar (2017). Want to reach out to Sylwia Vargas? Feel free to e-mail


Updated July 2019

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