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Raffi Wartanian


Raffi Joe Wartanian is a multiplatform storyteller passionate about social justice, creativity, and innovative institutions. His writing and film work have appeared in such venues as Lincoln Center, The Baltimore Sun, and The Huffington Post. De- moralized by America’s gun violence epidemic, Raffi began researching local gun culture, including visits to gun shows, to inform an original feature screenplay about a hotshot Texas gun show owner con- fronted by the consequences of his enterprise. The script, titled Freedom Market, finished in the top 10% of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts’ Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship in 2017. Raffi is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Columbia University School of the Arts where he co-taught a writing workshop at Rikers Island Jail Complex, and launched Letters for Peace, an initiative to foster dialogue in conflict zones through workshops at the intersection of creative writing and conflict resolution. His art and activism have been supported by the Fulbright Program, Davis Projects for Peace, and Eurasia Partnership Foundation among others.


Updated October 2018

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