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Pauline Sprang


How do we want to live together? Driven by this fundamental question, Pauline Sprang is seeking for sustainable ways to draw upon one’s privileges in order to work against the oppressive structures they are part of. She started her intellectual journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in Freiburg which allowed her to explore mechanisms of power and oppression from different fields. To look over the rim of the Western tea cup, she also studied political sciences in Iran. In journalism, photography, and film, she sees a way to bring theory into an everyday context. Pauline worked as a freelancer and with several collectives on mostly queer feminist issues. The topics she writes most passionately about are intimacies and non-monogamies. At the moment, she is working in a film production and helps in the organisation of the PorYes Feminist Porn Award Europe.


Updated May 2019