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Nora Mpho Mathelemuse


Born in Germany and raised both in Germany and South Africa, Nora Mpho Mathelemuse is a graduate diploma student at Glasgow Caledonian University in Psychology. They spent two years working in Berlin as a co-innovator of a destigmatizing mental health campaign with a particular focus for refugees and worked in various psychiatric facilities. Nora seeks to use educational campaigning to overcome barriers and help people with mental illness overcome problems. Right now Nora is researching mental health implications of queer, black and people of color identifying individuals living in Germany. In their spare time, Nora is involved with art collectives, Yon Afro, a female afro diasporic art collective, which recently concluded their residency at Transmission, a Gallery space supporting artists of color. After Caledonian University, Nora plans to pursue a career in Psychology and continue with further studies.


Updated May 2019