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Nikolaos Vrantsis



Nikos Vrantsis is currently an Assistant Researcher of Social Sustainability of Alternative Housing Models at the Institute of Urban Research in Uppsala. His research is focused on the urban commons. Nikos has a background in Political Science and holds a master’s degree in Political Theory. His academic research revolves around two interconnected themes: the geographies of survival of the homeless against policies of exclusion and affordable housing schemes applicable in local contexts. Nikos has been working as a freelance journalist reporting on topics related to land grabs, urban movements, and inadequate housing for vulnerable individuals in European cities. He has been an assistant researcher in projects concerning affordable housing in Greek cities. Nikos has also been involved in communications to improve the resilience of communities, building around shared goals such as the design of urban spaces to soil stewardship in remote communities across Europe. He has been an active volunteer in many migrant and refugee solidarity actions and spaces in Athens and Thessaloniki.

“I intend to develop affordable housing opportunities in rural areas and pilot a housing mapping project in Naoussa.”


Learn more about Niko’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here and you can find his personal blog here.


Updated June 2021

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