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Nathan Shearn


Nathan Shearn graduated from Syracuse University in 2019 with a BA in anthropology and a minor in Russian. With support from the Honors Program, Nathan’s senior thesis explored the social dynamics of queer and AIDS activism in New York City. Throughout his fieldwork, Nathan contributed to direct action organizing, social media campaigns and advocacy for LGBTQ asylum seekers from the post-Soviet bloc. He has also volunteered with OutRight Action International and led annual food drives to address food insecurity on his campus. Currently, Nathan volunteers at the International Institute in Buffalo, New York, where he teaches English to recently resettled refugees. Following his Humanity in Action Fellowship, Nathan plans to pursue a PhD in anthropology and study the rise of ethno-religious nationalisms in post-socialist Europe through the lens of current debates on migration, sovereignty and the limits of political inclusion. Nathan has also been selected as a 2020-21 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.

Updated May 2020