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Mateo Rodriguez


Mateo Rodriguez is an Ethics, Politics and Social Thought student at the small liberal arts school Bard College Berlin. He is beginning to write his thesis which will be concerned with the climate change dilemma through the scope of international relations.

Closely related to his personal experience of having to leave his native Venezuela in 2011 due to the long standing political crisis there, Mateo’s main interest and passion is international affairs and geopolitics. He is particularly interested in how strong democracies and stable societies can be established in regions with turbulent histories, including his home country.

He aspires to study international relations at Humboldt University Berlin or in the Netherlands after graduating from Bard College Berlin in December 2020.

His areas of interest in international relations are human rights, conflict resolution, and environmental politics. After obtaining his Master’s degree, Mateo envisions working in the non-governmental sector in Europe.