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Marsha Music


Marsha Music, daughter of a legendary pre-Motown record producer, Joe Von Battle, was born in Detroit and grew up in Highland Park, MI, during its lush, prosperous days. She is a self-described “primordial Detroiter,” and for many years she has written about the city’s music, its past and future. She is a noted presenter and she has contributed to important anthologies, oral histories and an HBO documentary. In 2012, she was awarded a Kresge Literary Arts Fellowship, and has received accolades for her “One Woman Show – Live From Hastings Street!” She has partnered with executive producer Juanita Anderson on a documentary film project about her father’s record shops and mid-century African-American life in Detroit. Her most recent literary works are the essay “The Kidnapped Children of Detroit,” published in The Detroit Anthology, and an epic poem “Just Say Hi – The Gentrification Blues,” published in Infinite Mile, both of which have been acclaimed for creatively engaging readers in historical narratives that impact Detroit today.


Updated May 2015