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Maciej Rotowski


Maciej Rotowski was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. He studied film directing in Polish National Filmschool in Lodz. In 2015 he was actively involved during the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ as a volunteer, then in 2016 he shot “Kamp”–a short documentary about Kurdish refugee camp in Greece. As an activist he works with many initiatives, recently he took part in GLEN–a program focused on racism, power relations and global inequalities. During this time he spent over 3 months in Uganda working as a film teacher in YAMU and Somero–local NGOs in Kampala. His activism is based on anti-capitalism beliefs. If he could choose his mentor it would probably be Noam Chomsky. Now he is trying to find a place where he can use his movie skills working for a social change. In his spare time Maciej enjoys paragliding and whitewater kayaking.


Updated May 2019