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Lorenz Narku Laing

Addressing Social Conflict and Implicit Racism through Diversity Training

Lorenz Narku Laing brings diversity training to the public sector throughout Germany. Growing up with a Jamaican, English, Ghanaian background with a multitude of interests from American Football to Philosophy and Political theory, Narku is a multi-dimensional man, who hopes that people will be able to find pride in their identity and interests. With his social business Vielfaltsprojekte, Narku is able to support organizations such as Amnesty International Germany and Brot für die Welt in creating intentional and meaningful interactions within society. Be it from understanding cultural differences to unconscious biases and implicit racism, he is fighting for a future of diversity and inclusion.

  • Credit: Johannes Gartner
  • Credit: Markus Pagl

Narku was a Fellow in the 2014 Berlin Fellowship, in which he learned about activism not only in Germany but around the globe. Narku realized the power of mobilizing a transatlantic dialogue surrounding activism something that naturally occurred during his Fellowship. Meeting Fellows from around the globe, who are hoping to transfer solutions and alter theories from one continent to the next, inspires Narku to continue working hard towards equality.

“After my Fellowship ended, I made it my mission to create educational formats to speak about topics which are often considered too controversial.

Following his Fellowship, Narku has remained close to Humanity in Action, serving on the German Board of Directors for three years as well as speaking at numerous events. In 2018, Narku was lead organizer, moderator, and keynote speaker at Humanity in Action Germany’s conference “Racism of Now. Solidarity of the Future” in Tutzing, Germany. Being able to train and work with social workers and those in the public sector  has helped Narku foster cooperation between the public sector and marginalized groups. In the future, he hopes to help foster a transatlantic dialogue of activism, something he fondly recalls from his Humanity in Action Fellowship.

“The platform I founded [Vielfaltsprojekte] has now turned into a social business with more than 40 educational projects a year. From a management symposium with 100 participants on inclusive membership recruitment over a three-day conference on racism to a coaching seminar with 10 social workers on non-discriminatory counseling. We now cover the full-span of diversity training.”

An academic through and through, Narku is currently researching and teaching Political Theory at Ludwig-Maximilians- University (LMU) in Munich towards his Doctorate. Before this, he focused on interdisciplinary perspectives on inclusion in his studies from Religious Studies at King´s College London, over Politics & Administration at Zeppelin University to Sociology & Law at University of Frankfurt. Narku wants to work to explain the severity and complexity of discrimination, something most people are afraid to discuss or simply shy to understand. Narku also realizes that there are parts of his identity, that he is not discriminated against for, and he hopes that we can all work together to support one another in our activism and that other activists are fighting issues that will lead the way towards the bright future Narku hopes for.

“The struggle against and with racism is connected to other forms of discrimination. I strive to support and fight against discrimination in all forms, regardless of who it affects.”


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