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Karolina Obońska


Coming from Silesia, a region heavily impacted by the turmoils of war and communism, it was easy for Karolina Obońska to notice that almost all of the current social problems stem from negligences of the past. Therefore, after deciding to focus her master’s thesis on legal basis of art restitution, broadening her knowledge through academic conferences dedicated to the matter paired with extensive research, she became fully aware of how perplexed this problem actually is, especially regarding real estate ownership, which is one of many aspects that still has a direct impact on everyday lives resulting in complex issues, all leading to extreme injustices. Throughout her period at university she has also had the opportunity to undergo certain internships, both in public and private institutions, which allowed her to acquaint herself with procedures that she later used and intends to use in efforts to correct the existing unjust state of things.


Updated May 2019