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Joanna Pasymowska


Joanna graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the SWPS University in Warsaw, in the field of the psychology of intercultural relations, specializing in acculturation and training of cultural competences. She is currently studying humanitarian action at the University of Warsaw.

She has been involved in third sector activities for a long time. Over the years, Joanna has cooperated with non-governmental organizations to implement social and educational projects, support excluded peoples and those at risk of marginalization. She has implemented many projects, particularly those related to social integration and entrepreneurship, financed both publicly and privately.

Joanna deals with comprehensive financial settlements of grants and the complex coordination of activities carried out from the moment of signing the co-financing contract to the final statement and evaluation. She is experienced in strategic planning and development issues. Over the last few years, Joanna has also gained valuable practical knowledge in financial management of organizations, working not only on project budgets, but also on general organization budgets and focusing on maintaining financial liquidity. Want to reach out to Joanna Pasymowska? Feel free to e-mail


Updated July 2019