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Jamila Sallali


Jamila is an international lawyer (LL.M.) specialized in public international law, international criminal law and human rights. Equipped with knowledge about the UN, its organs and international disputes, she is currently active in the field of legal and academic research. If she is not present in the Netherlands, her homebase, she is probably to be found in an African or Arabic country for work. She partook in the 2017 Amsterdam Fellowship, whereafter she became vice-chair of the Senior Fellow Network Board. Next to her role as board member, she volunteers at the Dutch animal protection services and works in the field of justice, security and rule of law. Her passion for law derives from her curiosity about world politics and international relations. For Jamila, doing research in how to improve the rule of law and accessibility to legal systems and its enforcement thereof, is the ideal job. Nevertheless, she is open for wherever the wind will bring her.
Updated May, 2019