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Jalyn Radziminski-Smith


Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jalyn Radziminski is fueled by their passion to unite education, non-profits, government, political and grassroots community initiatives to promote equity both socially and systematically. Radziminski is particularly fueled by their passion to uplift the voices of Black, BIPOC communities, those impacted by incarceration, and people who live with disabilities via integrated civic engagement.

Jalyn graduated from Emory University with a bachelors and linguistics and interdisciplinary studies with a human rights concentration, and wrote the thesis, “What Happened to Japan’s NAACP? The Complex History and Influence of Black-Japanese Relations and the Formation of Subgroup: Afro-Asian peoples”. As an undergrad, Radziminski co-founded Emory University’s Black Mental Health Ambassadors Program as well as served as a founding council member of Mental Health America’s National Collegiate Innovation Council and Students for Prison Education and Resistance.

After graduation, Jalyn worked in the non-profit sector to help organizations and workplaces foster more diversity, equity, and inclusion and facilitated human rights workshops as a Senior Fellow Intern for Humanity In Action’s 2019 Berlin program. Afterwards, Jalyn fought for social justice and voter equity in Georgia by working as a Fair Fight Action Political Fellow, conducting research about jail voting for grassroots initiatives, advocating for disability inclusion initiatives surrounding employment and transportation advocacy, and by serving as a Chief of Staff and Legislative Aide for the Georgia House of Representatives. Jalyn saw the need to encourage more diverse voter turnout and political participation in her home state as well. Thus, Jalyn founded Count US IN, an Indiana based initiative to uplift, educate, and empower local voices as well highlight Indiana’s relevance in the national political conversations. Afterwards, Jalyn was selected as the first cohort of American Association of People with Disabilities Fannie Lou Hamer Program, a national effort to increase voting, political participation, and integrated civic engagement of Black people with Disabilities.

Jalyn is grateful for the continuous opportunities, support, and friendships that they have made and continue to make through Humanity in Action’s international network. During her free time, Jalyn enjoys spending time with loved ones, exploring nature sites, traveling, dancing, swimming, writing spoken word poetry, finding creative outlets, and pet-sitting.

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