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Jakob Lund

Over the last 7 years, Jakob has been concentrating on issues relating to human rights and conflict resolution in one way or another. After having graduated from Roskilde University in 2005 with a final thesis on the EU and the Middle East conflict, he participated in the Humanity in Action summer program and later interned at the Anne Frank Stichting in Amsterdam. In 2006 he was awarded the Lantos Fellowship in US Congress and went on to work for Amnesty International in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, Jakob is a masters student at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs concentrating in – you guessed it – human rights and conflict resolution. He is also working as a Teacher’s Assistant in International Law. During his first year at Columbia, he founded the organization Play31, which works with integrating football (soccer) into peace building and reconciliation processes. Play31 currently works in Sierra Leone where we bring together people who were torn apart by the country’s civil war.


Updated February 2009